Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bass River State Forest, NJ - Joe's Trail

Bass River State Forest - NJ DEP

GPS Coordinates 39.621041, -74.423020

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Parking lot at the park office.

This trail is not on the park map but is worth mentioning because it's the most scenic trail in the park.
Bass River State Forest - Joe's Trail at EveryTrail

Joe's Trail - 1.5 miles total out-and-back
Joe's Trail to the dam - 1.8 miles total out-and-back

Facing the park office, turn left and take the short path at the corner of the lot near the bird feeders, cross over the park road, then veer right on red.  Go a short distance to the barrier at the end of red and Joe's trail is to the left beyond the barrier.

After a short distance, Lake Absegami comes into view.  A little bit of ice left from the polar vortex that had been coming our way over the winter.
Joe's Trail runs next to the lake for .75 miles.
The end of Joe's Trail, but keep going ...
and veer right at the picnic pavilion.
A trail continues along the lake all the way to the dam.
It's a shame there is no bridge across the dam because there is a trail on the other side and it would make a great loop hike.
Heading back.
Reentering Joe's Trail at the picnic pavilion.
It was a gorgeous 65 degree snow-free day in South Jersey when North Jersey was still thawing out from snow storm after snow storm after snow storm.

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