Thursday, November 28, 2013

Princeton Battlefield State Park, NJ with Institute Woods and Rogers Wildlife Refuge

Princeton Battlefield State Park - New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Institute Woods - Institute for Advanced Study
Charles H. Rogers Wildlife Refuge - Friends of Rogers Refuge

GPS Coordinates 40.329466, -74.676283

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Parking at Princeton Battlefield State Park

A Guide to the Institute Woods - Institute for Advanced Study
Institute Woods and Princeton Battlefield State Park, NJ at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  5.4 miles

From the parking lot head towards the Thomas Clarke House.
Behind the house is a marker pointing the way to the trails and Meeting House.
Stony Brook Meeting House
Stony Brook
Bundled her up in her coat after wondering if the real feel temp in the teens wouldn't be too cold for her and what does she do?  Right through the icy puddles.
The River's Edge Trail along Stony Brook.
Wet sections on River's Edge Trail.
The swinging bridge, closed at this time.
No doubt very thankful that the swinging bridge is closed.  Probably would not have cared much for it.
The blue-blazed trail into the Rogers Wildlife Refuge, too wet to cross over.
Observation platform in the Rogers Wildlife Refuge.
Not one for observation platforms either.
View  of the marsh from the observation platform.
While standing at an intersection looking at the map, a loud noise from above turned out to be a huge branch crashing down about 15 feet away.
Part of a red-bellied woodpecker.
Founders Walk
Institute for Advanced Study
The pond at Institute for Advanced Study
Middle Trail
Pipeline Trail
This looks newly crashed from today's high winds but fortunately we weren't around to see it firsthand.
The bike path ...
... along the battlefield.
Crossing over Mercer Street to ...
... the Colonnade.
Looking back towards Mercer Street from the Colonnade.
A descendant of the Mercer Oak.
Returning back to the Thomas Clarke house and parking lot.


  1. Those trails must be chronically wet. I hiked there a couple of years ago when the weather had been dry for a while. I made the mistake of wearing lite hiking shoes instead of my boots and pretty much ruined them walking thru muddy stretches.

    1. I did the same thing! Almost had the waterproof hiking shoes on when I changed my mind and went for the trail running shoes thinking the trails were too smooth to warrant hiking shoes, never thinking about standing water from rain the day before - or at any time! Fortunately, I made it through dry but it wasn't easy - it was just too darned cold to get wet.