Monday, November 4, 2013

Palisades Interstate Park, NJ - Alpine to Huyler's Landing

Palisades Interstate Park - Palisades Interstate Park Commission

GPS Coordinates for Park Headquarters Parking: 40.953333, -73.920545

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This is looking back towards the way you drive in so parking would actually be on your right, which is the left side of this picture.

Hudson Palisades Trails Maps 108 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Palisades State Park, NJ - Alpine to Huyler's Landing at EveryTrail


A slideshow of our hike with the most spectacular foliage!  This hike was done on the recommendation of Dan Balogh and his stunning photography.

[  0.00]  Continue on Henry Hudson Drive with the park headquarters on your left; after a short distance leave the paved road to the left on the aqua-blazed Long Path following the "Path to River" sign
[  0.30]  Keep left on orange when aqua/orange turns left into the tunnel (return route)
[  0.60]  Short side trail to right to ruins; retrace
[  0.75]  When orange ends, turn right on white along the Hudson River
[  1.40]  After walking through the Alpine Boat Basin parking lot, keep left through the picnic area to continue on white
[  2.80]  Turn right on red
[  2.95]  Red turns left on paved road for a short distance then right leaving the paved road on steps
[  3.40]  When red ends turn right on the aqua-blazed Long Path
[  4.70]  Zabriskie ruins on right
[  5.50]  Turn right on aqua where orange joins in from the tunnel on the left
[  5.70]  Veer right on aqua when straight goes to Henry Hudson Drive
[  5.75]  Go through tunnel then continue left on aqua
[  6.00]  Back at parking

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