Sunday, October 13, 2013

High Point State Park, NJ - Steeny Kill Lake

High Point State Park - New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

GPS Coordinates for Steeny Kill Lake Parking: 41.320993, -74.677465

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Parking at Steeny Kill Lake.

Kittatinny Trails Map 123 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
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High Point -

HIKE DISTANCE:  6.5 miles

Steeny Kill Lake at sunrise.
High Point Monument from Steeny Kill Lake at sunrise.
The Steeny Kill Trail along the lake.
Leaving the lake and heading up.
The Steeny Kill Trail (blue circle) ends at the Monument Trail (red/green).  The loop can be completed in either direction.  I had wanted to turn right (the shorter way to the monument) to get to Lake Marcia and High Point Monument early before the crowds hit but with the low clouds swirling over the ridge, I figured there would not be much in the way of views until the clouds lifted so I went left, which is the longer route to the monument.
On the Monument Trail, joined by Kacey who is staying with us for the weekend.
Port Jervis, NY from a viewpoint along the Monument Trail.
The Shawangunk Ridge Trail joins in from the left.
On the trail around Cedar Swamp.
Boardwalk through the cedar swamp.
Back on the Monument Trail to ...
... lots of short side trails on either side to views,
Approaching High Point Monument from the Monument Trail.
Lake Marcia from the monument.
Looking north from the monument.
Back on the trail ...
for a much needed break ...
at Lake Marcia.
High Point Monument from Lake Marcia.
Heading back down to ...
Steeny Kill Lake.
High Point Monument from Steeny Kill Lake.

This is the dogumentary of our hike.

[  0.00]  From the parking lot head to the boat launch then turn right on the blue-dot-on-white Steeny Kill Trail along the lake
[  0.60]  Turn left on the red/green Monument Trail
[  1.35]  View of Port Jervis on left
[  1.45]  Blue-blazed Shawangunk Ridge Trail joins in from the left
[  1.50]  Right on blue when red/green goes straight, few steps ahead right on unmarked with blue goes left
[  2.15]  Turn left at intersection
[  2.40]  Keep left at fork
[  2.60]  Turn right on blue at bench
[  2.65]  Turn right on red/green Monument Trail
[  3.15]  Cross bridge then keep straight on red/green when the blue Shawangunk Ridge Trail joins in from the right
[  3.50]  Side trail on left to views; watch for multiple side trail on either side from this point forward
[  4.50]  High Point Monument; after visiting this area (mileage includes walking around monument area), continue on the red/green and blue trail which follows along the western side of the monument
[  5.00]  Keep left on red/green and blue at fork then cross paved park road
[  5.10]  Blue trail ends at white-blazed Appalachian Trail; turn right on red/green
[  5.20]  Turn right at Lake Marcia and continue on red/green
[  5.40]  Left at interpretive center to look around building for views to the west on the other side
[  5.55]  From looping around the interpretive center, turn left to continue on red/green
[  5.85]  Turn left on blue-dot-on-white
[  6.50]  Back at parking


  1. So pretty! Also wanted to say thank you so muc for this blog, taking the time to write clear directions with photos and everything! And also, for apparently living close to me since many of the NJ and PA trails are very close for me! Hoping to follow in the footsteps of most of these trails in the close-ish future!

    1. Thank you and you are very welcome! Actually, I most likely do not live close to you since there are no hikes close to me! It's at least an hour drive, usually more, for me to get to the places I hike.


    2. Well, close-ish then! lol Still, thank you for these very informative and clear posts. :) I'm a no-good/lazy at research, so your blog is really a wonderful thing! The best part is all your posts seem to be dog-friendly places to go, even better since I plan on taking my mini-poodle on a bulk of the hiking I want to do. :)

    3. Yes, 99.9% of my hikes are dog-friendly because, well, Shawnee will not permit me to hike without her. Not that I would want to - she is the best hiking partner EVER! So just be warned - once your dog catches on, there will be no more leaving him at home.


  2. Some beautiful sunrise shots! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I love getting to hikes early in the morning and catching the sunrise. It's always so beautiful.