Monday, August 12, 2013

Jonathan's Woods, NJ

Jonathan's Woods - POWWW
Hog Pen - POWWW
Curtis Trail - Daily Record

GPS Coordinates for parking at Hedwig Avenue cul-de-sac at the trail head for the Curtis Trail:  40.913381, -74.481456

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Hedwig Avenue cul-de-sac parking - there are no driveways to the cul-de-sac and the Curtis Trail starts at about the center into the woods.  Look for red on white markers and a kiosk further into the woods.

Jersey Highlands Trails Map 125 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Jonathan's Woods Trail Map - POWWW
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HIKE DISTANCE:  6.75 miles

From the cul-de-sac, red on white markers lead into the woods towards a kiosk.
It's pretty rocky along the Curtis Trail.
The Curtis Trail smooths out just before ...
The red-blazed Ford Road Trail.
Start of the blue-blazed Hillcrest Trail to Bald Knob.
Shortly after the gate and kiosk ...
... Bald Knob which probably offers a much better view when the leaves are down.
There is a house right at the overlook.
A partial view.
After retracing on blue to the intersection with yellow, took the sharp right turn on unmarked which seemed well-defined enough, to get to green.
Not so well-defined any more.
It did open back up and went through a swampy area just before meeting up with ...
... the green-blazed Little Bear Trail.
Intersection with pink to Hog Pen.
Arriving at Hog Pen.
Taking red from Hog Pen.
The trail follows a ridge so there should be views when leaves are down.
A slug having lunch.
Another slug having lunch.  That must be a really tasty mushroom.
Hornet's nest.
And a resident.
As the red trail nears Ford Road and The Pines, Sandy damage begins.
Until very recently she would sail over downed trees with the grace of a gazelle.  Getting old is no fun.
A bench overlooking ...
Beaver Brook
Red ends at Ford Road.
A right on Ford Road leads to ...
The Pines.  These are The Pines post-Sandy.
Courtesy of Dan Balogh, The Pines pre-Sandy on 11/12/11.
On the green-blazed trail from the Pines to Ford Road.
Colorful wildflowers before ...
... a nice water view.
Heading south on Ford Road.
The gate at Ford Road with parking for a couple of cars.
Instead of retracing through the woods, we continued on Ford Road through quiet, shady residential areas.
Turn left on Kitchell Road to find the historic Kitchell Homestead on the left corner.
Only one car passed on Kitchell Road.
Hang a left on Alpine.
Thought this was a lawn ornament until she moved her mouth to chew.
Then turn right on Charlotte the left on Hedwig at the cul-de-sac parking.

[  0.00]  Take the red-on-white Curtis Trail from the Hedwig Avenue cul-de-sac parking
[  0.60]  Turn right on red
[  1.20]  Turn right on blue
[  1.30]  Straight on blue when yellow and unmarked start on the left
[  1.65]  Balk Knob with seasonal views; retrace
[  2.00]  Just before yellow turn sharply right on unmarked woods road
[  2.30]  Turn left on green
[  2.40]  Keep left on green at fork (not marked)
[  2.65]  Turn left on pink
[  2.80]  Hog Pen; left on red
[  2.95]  Straight on red when yellow starts on the left
[  3.20]  Stay on red when purple starts on the right
[  3.45]  Stay on red when orange starts on the right
[  3.70]  Stay on red when blue starts on the left
[  4.30]  Stay on red when red-on-white Curtis Trail starts on the left
[  4.90]  Right on gravel Ford Road
[  5.05]  The Pines on the left (retrace as this area is currently closed per Morris County Parks)
[  5.20]  Right on green to pond; retrace **
[  5.55]  Right on Ford Road
[  5.80]  Proceed beyond gate on to paved Ford Road
[  6.15]  Turn left on Kitchell Road with Kitchell Homestead on left
[  6.55]  Turn left on Alpine
[  6.65]  Turn right on Charlotte
[  6.75]  Turn left on Hedwig to cul-de-sac parking

**  Green can be accessed from an unmarked trail into The Pines, the first unmarked trail on the left heading to The Pines from red.  I missed this so I entered the green trail from Ford Road and did an out-and-back instead of a loop.


  1. I like to take my dogs off leash. Is this a good place? I noticed your pup was not leashed.

    1. There are no places in New Jersey where it is legal to have dogs off leash. I have allowed mine off leash only because she never leaves the trail, is competition-level obedience trained, does not bother wildlife and is ALWAYS leashed when other people are around.