Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hacklebarney State Park, NJ

Hacklebarney State Park - NJ Department of Environmental Protection

GPS Coordinates 40.751496, -74.732827

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Very large parking lot (this is just a fraction of it) that probably fills up on weekends.  This is on a Tuesday morning.

Hacklebarney State Park Trail Map - scanned copy courtesy of NJHiking.com - thank you!
(Map correction:  The Wintershine Trail is shown as red when it is actually blazed blue.)
Don't count on finding maps at the park.

Hacklebarney State Park, NJ at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  4.1 miles

The white-blazed Main Trail starts at the far corner of the parking lot to the right of the building.
There is a restroom just a few steps in.
On the left the red-blazed Upper Trail starts by descending on stone steps.
Red-blazed Upper Trail
At a bridge on the right, the red trail continues straight.  This is the top of the waterfalls from the bridge crossing over Trout Brook.  I had intended to continue on red so I could see the waterfalls but a dog I had with me was reactive towards strange dogs and a man with a dog was going that way as we were on the bridge so I had to change my route to avoid him and I ended up missing the waterfalls.  So if you are following my route, make a detour here to see the falls first.
On the blue-blazed trail that connects back to the white-blazed Main Trail.
Back on the white-blazed Main Trail ...
... to the yellow-blazed Windy Ridge Trail.
At the end of the yellow trail, the red-blazed Rinehart Trail crosses over ...
... Rinehart Brook.
The red-blazed Rinehart Brook Trail continues to ...
... the end of the park.  The trail turns sharply left but you can continue straight 300 feet to this ...
Just in case you missed the orange sign.
Looks like maybe this used to be a park entrance long ago.
Retrace and continue on red to the Black River.
This is a very rugged but scenic stretch along the Black River.
The red-blazed trail comes out onto a gravel path and at some point, even though the blazing stays the same, the name changes from Rhinehart Trail to Lower Trail.
What a great spot for a break and a snack!  (That is Bruno, the coonhound, on the left.  He is staying with us for a couple of weeks.)
Red becomes paved and continues on to the waterfalls, but we turned on ...
... the blue-blazed Wintershine Trail, which is shown as red on the map.
A cascade in Trout Brook.
The blue trail becomes the Haki Trail and ends at the white Main Trail.
A left turn at the playground puts you on the green Playground Trail but there are no green blazes.
Just one marker along the way.
A side trail leads to ...
... an overlook platform ...
... with no view.  Maybe there is a view in the winter.
The green trail comes out on a gravel park road where a right turn leads to the paved park road and back to the parking lot.

[  0.00]  Take the white-blazed Main Trail to the right of the building in the parking lot
[  0.15]  After the restroom building on the right, turn left and descend stairs on red
[  0.35]  Turn right to cross bridge over Trout Brook at top of waterfalls then continue on blue to the right
[  0.45]  Left on the white-blazed Main Trail
[  0.55]  Straight on white when green Playground Trail (unmarked) goes right at the playground
[  0.60]  Turn right on yellow
[  1.10]  Turn right on white at end of yellow then cross bridge on red over Rhinehart Brook
[  1.35]  Continue straight at "Park Ends 300 ft" sign to monuments and river overlook; retrace
[  1.40]  Continue on red to the right at "Park Ends" sign
[  1.75]  Keep straight on red when trail goes left
[  1.80]  Veer right on red as it emerges on gravel road and blue 3 Ponds Trail starts to the left
[  2.15]  Stay on red and cross bridge 4 when blue goes left
[  2.65]  Turn left on blue Wintershine Trial (red on map) when red continues straight along wire fence
[  2.90]  When trail turns right and continues uphill, turn left and descend on blue
[  2.95]  Cross bridge 3 on blue trail
[  3.00]  Turn right on blue Haki Trail when blue also goes left down to red and bridge 4
[  3.30]  Turn right on white Main Trail
[  3.35]  Keep straight on white when yellow goes left
[  3.40]  Turn left at playground on green Playgound Trail (no blazes seen)
[  3.60]  Turn left towards overlook (seasonal), trail continues beyond platform but is then blocked by downed trees; retrace
[  3.80]  Continue left on green from overlook trail
[  3.95]  Turn right on woods road
[  4.00]  Turn right on paved park road other side of barrier
[  4.10]  Back at parking lot

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