Monday, May 13, 2013

Harriman State Park, NY - Dunderberg Mountain

Dunderberg Spiral Railway - Joseph Brennan

GPS Coordinates 41.281136, -73.962908

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Parking lot along 9W/202

TRAIL MAP:  NY/NJ Trail Conference Northern Harriman Bear Mountain Trails Map 119

7 miles
This is the same hike as described here.

The trail head is a short distance south on 9W/202. 
There are also some paths directly from the parking lot - the path I took came to a T-intersection and turning left brought me to the blue/red-dot-on-white trail where I turned right.
The climbing begins and there is a lot of climbing on this hike!
A Dunderberg Spiral Railway tunnel, part of the incomplete railway built in 1890.
We were being watched ...
... from way up high.
A nice flat section on the blue-blazed Timp-Torne Trail.
DSR tunnel.
Some payoff for all of that climbing - looking south down the Hudson River.
View to the east.
A very short stretch on the 1777 Trail.
More climbing on the red-dot-on-white Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail.
View west into Harriman State Park from Bald Mountain.
Heading to the other side of Bald Mountain for more views.
Looking north up the Hudson River.
Bear Mountain
Perkins Tower on Bear Mountain
Bear Mountain Bridge
Anthony's Nose
On to the next view - and there are many more to come!
Lots of partial views along the way.
A partial view of the New York City skyline,
View east.
A train ....
... crossing at the eastern side of the Hudson.
On the way down, more remnants of the never completed Dunderberg Spiral Railway.
Loose rocks on the grade on the way down.
Meeting back up with the combined Ramapo-Dunderberg/Timp-Torne Trails and a steep descent.
Hand crafted 123 years ago.
Dogwood and a dog.
The end of the trail at 9W/202.
A short walk back to the parking lot.

[  0.00]  Either walk south on 9W/202 to the trail head or take a footpath from the parking lot, turn left at the T-intersection, then right on blue/red-dot-on-white
[  0.30]  Turn left on blue when red-dot-on-white goes right
[  1.20]  Cross creek with small waterfalls then unmarked Jones Road
[  1.60]  Cross creek
[  2.60]  At large cairn, turn right on 1777
[  2.65]  Turn right on red-dot-on-white
[  3.00]  Rock hop creek where trail joins woods road
[  3.80]  Right on red-dot-on-white when blue goes left
[  6.00]  Short white-blazed side trail on right to views
[  6.75]  Left on red-dot-on-white when blue joins in from the right
[  6.95]  Trails end, turn left on 9W/202
[  7.00]  Back at parking lot


  1. Hmmmm....I might have missed it, but who is the lab with you? Did you adopt a new doggie?

    1. That is Tucker. He was staying with us for a few weeks while his family was away and he was a good hiker so he got to come with us.