Monday, May 27, 2013

Delaware Water Gap NRA, PA - Conashaugh View

Delaware Water Gap Other Park Trails - National Park Service
Marie Zimmerman Farm - National Park Service
The Friends of Marie Zimmerman Home and Farm Restoration

GPS Coordinates 41.279132, -74.866355

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Huge parking area on Conashaugh Road.  The trail starts to the right of the porta potty.
An alternate parking area to shorten the hike to about a 7 mile lollipop:
GPS Coordinates 41.271359, -74.847740

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This would eliminate the northern lollipop (numbers 6, 7 and 8 on map) which is about 4.5 miles and offers no views when there are leaves on the trees.

Northern Kittatinny Trail Map 122 - NYNJTC
I had printed this map out a long time ago but can no longer find it online.

HIKE DISTANCE:  11.8 miles

These trails had been closed since Sandy but it looks like somebody forgot to take the sign down.
 I happened to be on Twitter when I saw this tweet go by so the trails are open.

The trail starts out on a woods road through some very pretty forests.
Ignore this sign that points to an overgrown field and stay with the woods road that veers to the left.  Have no idea why that post says to turn unless somebody thought it was funny to move it.
This one points in the proper direction.
The trail comes out on gravel Zimmerman Road.  There was no sign but turn right and go a short distance to...
... post #9 where the trail turns left off of the gravel road.
At this intersection you could continue straight to cut off the northern lollipop but to the left goes into a gorge which is very scenic.  After the gorge and the northern lollipop, you return to this intersection to continue on.
Hadn't seen any Sandy damage until the gorge where there is a ton!
Pretty waterfalls and cascades.
More downed trees from Sandy.
The trail comes out on Zimmerman Road again.
Then takes the left branch of Zimmerman Road at a fork.
This gravel road follows along scenic Conashaugh Creek.
It's very easy to miss the turn to the northern lollipop.  It is just before the gravel road bends to the right at an area with pretty waterfalls.  The trail posts sits in a way so you can't see it from the gravel road.
A belted kingfisher hanging out in Conashaugh Creek.
Heading up steeply on the northern lollipop section.
Entering the loop part of the lollipop.
There are a lot of old stone walls in this section.
And some litter which I packed out.  Will never understand why people feel the need to leave their garbage behind.
Heading back down to the gorge.
At first I could not tell what this was in the middle of the trail but I knew it wasn't there when we passed by earlier.
The sleeping turkey woke up when I yelled LEAVE IT as Shawnee approached to give her a big smooch on the lips, which is what she would have done.
Taking her sweet time wandering off the trail ...
... and into the grass.  It was then I asked if she was OK and ...
... that is when she took off ...
... into a tree.
Heading up through the gorge.
Huge uprooted tree.
Back at the intersection where #9 returns to the parking lot, #3 takes you to Zimmerman Farm.
A small dam just before Zimmerman Farm.
Buildings of the Marie Zimmerman Farm Complex.
Marie Zimmerman Farm
A short side trail leads to Dry Brook.
Back on the main trail, a steep, steady ascent behind Zimmerman Farm.
At the top, views of the Delaware River.
It was a lovely break spot.
This OFF! Clip-On works pretty well to keep flying bugs away while sitting still taking a break.  Ticks, not so much.
High Point Monument to the far left.
Continuing on.
A pond on the left not shown on the NPS map but is shown on the NYNJTC map.
The end of the trail at Conashaugh Road.
It's a 1.1 mile gravel road walk back to the car.  Only one car passed us.
Just before the parking lot ...
... a horse farm.
Almost done.

[  0.00]  Take trail to the right of the porta potty at the kiosk
[  0.15]  Follow the woods road to the left even though post with arrow says to turn right into overgrown field
[  0.85]  Turn right on gravel Zimmerman Road
[  0.95]  Turn left at post #9 leaving Zimmerman Road
[  1.60]  At double #4 posts turn left
[  1.80]  Rock hop over creek
[  1.90]  Cross creek, waterfalls on left, bridge few steps ahead
[  2.25]  Cross bridge
[  2.30]  Turn left on gravel Zimmerman Road
[  2.35]  Turn left at fork
[  2.60]  At waterfalls on left, just before the gravel road veers left, turn right on footpath uphill
[  4.00]  Either straight or left at #7 for loop to #8
[  5.25]  Completion of loop, retrace down to Zimmerman Road
[  6.65]  Left on gravel Zimmerman Road
[  6.80]  Right on gravel road at intersection
[  6.90]  Turn right on trail leaving Zimmerman Road after crossing creek
[  6.95]  Cross bridge
[  7.30]  Cross bridge
[  7.95]  Turn left at double #4 posts heading to #3
[  8.95]  Turn right on Zimmerman Farm Road towards Zimmerman Farm
[  9.00]  Trail leaves Zimmerman Farm Road to the right, left goes short distance to farm complex
[  9.15]  (includes .1 mile to farm and back) Footpath to the right leads to Dry Brook; retrace
[  9.25]  Continue right on trail after returning from Dry Brook
[  9.50]  Views of the Delaware River
[10.00]  Footpath to the left (NPS post at the trail but this trail is not on maps) might be the trail that goes over to Adams Creek but it has not been cleared and is currently obstructed by blowdowns; continue straight
[10.45]  Pond on left
[10.70]  Turn right on gravel Conashaugh Road beyond barrier
[11.80]  Back at parking on the right.