Monday, March 11, 2013

Nockamixon State Park, PA - Mink Trail and Church Trail

Nockamixon State Park - PA DCNR

GPS Coordinates 40.469517, -75.189309
(Be sure to check a map because my GPS could not get me there from State Park Road.)

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Large parking lot at the end of Mink Road (Googlemaps shows Mink Road as Fairview Road.)

Nockamixon State Park Map - PA DCNR

HIKE DISTANCE:  7.6 miles

This isn't very clear on the trail map but the Mink Trail is a loop and the Church Trail is a loop and they connect at the Old Ridge Road parking lot so you can get from one to the other. 
I had to stop the car on Mink Road to get out and shoo this little guy/gal off to the side.  This is a Chukar and males and females apparently look the same.
Mink Trail starts opposite the parking lot.
It was a very foggy morning and although the Mink Trail follows along the lake, there wasn't much to see.
Mink Trail
Red paint blazes indicate permitted trail uses, not which trail it is.  Trail names are on posts.
A lot of Sandy clearing had already taken place.  It is very obvious that this park had a tremendous amount of damage.

An early spider web.
The Mink Trail connects to the Church Trail at the Old Ridge Road parking lot.
The Church Trail is a woods road along the section closer to the lake.
The fog is lifting a little at the lake.
The Church Trail goes through the park cabin area.
Before the Church Trail loops back around, another opportunity for a lake view.
Where about 85% of the Mink and Church Trails has been cleared of Sandy damage, there were still some blowdowns to navigate.
Much more to see with the fog gone.
Haycock Mountain in State Game Lands 157
Instead of taking the other side of the Mink Trail loop back, I retraced on the side I had come in on, closer to the lake, since I missed all of the lake views in the fog.
Mink Trail along Lake Nockamixon.

[  0.00]  From parking lot cross Mink Road to Mink Trail
[  0.15]  Keep right at fork
[  0.25]  Keep right at fork
[  0.70]  Keep right at fork and continue downhill
[  1.20]  Keep left on trail, right is lake access
[  1.65]  At Old Ridge Road parking lot veer to the left then turn right on Church Trail
[  2.15]  Cross gravel road
[  3.00]  Continue through parking lot then turn right on road to lake
[  3.10]  Bench and views at lake; retrace
[  3.15]  Turn right on unnamed trail in power cut
[  3.20]  Turn right on gravel road briefly then left on Church Trail at post
[  3.95]  Turn right at kiosk to lake view; retrace
[  4.15]  Return to kiosk and continue to welcome sign, take Church Trail heading back (Elephant Trail starts to the right)
[  4.75]  Turn left at intersection (can continue straight but at this time too many blowdowns)
[  4.90]  Cross through parking lot, lake view with bench to the left, take Church Trail on the left
[  5.40]  Keep left along lake at intersection
[  5.70]  Turn right briefly on gravel road then left
[  6.00]  Veer left on Old Ridge Road then right on Mink Trail at parking area for Mink Trail along lake
[  7.60]  Back at parking lot


  1. Great little hike, I live 15 minutes form there. You have the choice of four parking lots on the beginnings and ends of the Mink, Church and Elephant trail, and each one has a North and South route. You got to have good boots though, some of the trails are pretty torn up by horses, with a little rain they get pretty muddy. Thanks for featuring that hike.

    1. Thanks! I was surprised at how dry the Mink Trail was after all of that fast melting snow just a couple of days ago but like you said, the Church Trail was all torn up by horses and it was a muddy mess!


  2. There are also some nice little trails on the north side of the Lake, there is an easy paved one starting at the Marina and the Sterner Mill trail and the Quarry trail in the North west corner. You can find them on the official state park map, but that map is iffy on the hiking trails. Still short morning or afternoon hikes.

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy the very inspirational blog. Looking forward to more


  3. i LOVE your blog! i'm a hiker that never ventures onto a trail without my trusty nikon. keep hiking...photographing...and blogging!

    1. Thanks, Christie! Yes, if I forgot the camera, I would have to turn around and go back home to get it.