Wednesday, March 27, 2013

D&R Canal State Park, NJ - Amwell Road to Blackwells Mills

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park

GPS Coordinates 40.503477, -74.582888

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Amwell Road (Route 514) Parking Lot - this picture is from a previous hike.  On this particular day this lot was closed.
Alternate parking on the other side of the canal on the corner of Amwell Road and Canal Road.

D&R Canal State Park Map

4 miles total out and back (2 miles each way)

Shawnee and I were joined by Rambo, a little dog staying with us for the week.
Recently awakened from hibernation.
Almost ran into this hawk sitting right on the side of the trail.  Turns out he had been eating lunch.
Waiting on the other side of the canal for us to leave so he could return and finish eating.
Coming up on Blackwells Mills.
Crossing over the canal ...
... to the Canal House.
Heading back to Amwell Road.
We ran right into that hawk again, totally engrossed in his lunch.
Hard to tell if he was sizing up Rambo as possible dessert or if he was guarding his lunch.  We were only about 10 feet from him and he would not budge.  After waiting a good 15 minutes, I picked up a large tree branch so I would have something to ward him off with if he decided to get upset about us passing but as soon as I lifted the branch, he took off.
Back at Amwell Road with construction in the parking lot across the street.
Crossing over the canal on Amwell Road.
Back to the small park on the corner.

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