Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Loantaka Brook Reservation, NJ

Loantaka Brook Reservation - Morris County Park Commission

GPS Coordinates 40.773836, -74.465960

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South Street parking at recreation area.

Loantaka Brook Reservation Trail Map - Morris County Park Commission
Although the map shows yellow, blue and red blazed trails, there are no trail blazes.  There is either a paved trail or a gravel bridle path that basically run parallel to each other.

HIKE DISTANCE:  6.85 miles

It's a very busy place, even on a cold winter morning during the week.
Loantaka Brook runs through the middle of the mark.
On the bridle path next to Loantaka Brook.
Kitchell Pond is a busy place for wildlife.
A Great Blue Heron and his entourage of mallards.
I thought this was the same Great Blue Heron from a different angle but turns out it is a different one.  This one has no ducks hanging out with him.
A rock hop over Loantaka Brook on the bridle trail.
On the paved path.
From the Loantaka Way parking lot, turn right and walk along the shoulder of Loantaka Way.
Horses along Loantaka Way.

Gibbons Horse Barn on the left just before the trail leaves Loantaka Way to the left at the crosswalk.
A paved path continues down one side of Loantaka Brook.
After crossing a bridge and just before the "no horses" sign, turn left on the bridle trail.
Lots of blowdowns have been cleared.
There was still one massive mess to maneuver around that looks like it is in the process of being cleared.
Bridle path on the other side of Loantaka Brook.
Coming up on the back side of Gibbons Horse Barn cross the bridge on the left to the ...
... crosswalk.  The paved trail continues straight ahead or ...
... if you prefer not to walk on pavement, the bridle trail runs to the left of the paved path.
Passing back by Kitchell Pond.
Beaver wake.  He submerged just as I shot the picture.  I waited and waited for him to resurface but nothing.
Apparently this is where he was headed so I would have been waiting for a very long time.
Almost back at the parking lot, the snow has melted.

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