Sunday, January 20, 2013

Metedeconk Preserve, NJ - Silver Stream Trail

Metedeconk Preserve - New Jersey Conservation Foundation
Silver Stream Trail - Jackson Pathfinders

GPS Coordinates 40.129037, -74.317235

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Large parking area off of Frank Applegate Road.

Metedeconk Preserve - New Jersey Conservation Foundation
Frank Applegate Road Nature Trail - Jackson Pathfinders
There is a new trail called the "Spur Trail" that is not shown on either map above but it is on this map.

HIKE DISTANCE:  1.75 miles
Hiked in conjunction with Forest Resource Education Center trails, about a 5 mile drive away.

The trail starts at the gate next to the kiosk.  It is blazed with either yellow or white NJCF markers, yellow paint blazes or blank orange or yellow plastic diamonds - all the same trail.  The trails are very pretty and interesting going through a variety of forests and along the river.
Fancy bird McMansion.
The trails had all been cleared of Sandy blowdowns - how nice and much appreciated!  (Getting really, really tired of climbing in/through/under/over/around blowdowns...)
South Branch Metedeconk River
Benches at scenic river overlook.
The new Spur Trail - starts out with green markers then when it loops back around the markers are blue.
Some mallards that weren't expecting a hiker and flew away.

(NOTE:  Trail blazes are a combination of white or yellow NJCF markers, yellow paint, or orange and yellow diamonds [either blank or with an arrow] on the Silver Stream Trail.  The Spur Trail is blazed in green then changes to blue.)
[  0.00]  Continue beyond gate from parking lot
[  0.05]  Turn right when trail splits
[  0.10]  Cross footbridge with two more coming up
[  0.45]  Trail enters pretty pine forest then crosses footbridge
[  0.60]  Two benches at overlook above South Branch Metedeconk River
[  0.70]  Descend steps to boardwalk along river, turn left at end of boardwalk when bridge goes right
[  0.75]  Turn right on green-blazed Spur Trail
[  0.90]  At fork keep right and cross creek
[  1.00]  Trail veers to the left to loop back around and markers change from green to blue
[  1.15]  Rock hop creek and blazes are green again; keep left and follow along right side of creek
[  1.20]  Keep straight on green when green also goes left completing loop
[  1.35]  Turn right on white/yellow Silver Stream Trail, cross footbridge and keep right
[  1.55]  Cross boardwalk
[  1.65]  Keep straight when trail also goes left completing main loop
[  1.75]  Back at parking lot


  1. That looks like a nice place to walk. New Jersey is one of the states I still need to go hiking in.

    1. It is a very nice trail. A shame it is so short but you'll find plenty of trails here in New Jersey!