Thursday, October 25, 2012

Henry Hudson Trail, NJ - Aberdeen to Marlboro

Henry Hudson Trail - Monmouth County Park System

GPS Coordinates 40.409319,-74.230666

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Parking is at the YMCA on Church Street.

Henry Hudson Trail (South) - Monmouth County Park System

Aberdeen (Church Street) to Marlboro (Harbor Road) 3.5 miles one way, 7 miles round trip

Walk from the parking lot to Church Street, turn right, take about 2 steps, then turn right on the Henry Hudson Trail.
A tiny little trail user.
A feral cat colony lives along the trail.  They seem to be used to dogs walking by.
The trail follows along an unattractive power cut for the most part but wow, the foliage!
Still a colorful fall flower here and there.
Lots and lots of birds all along the trail.
I think I see some winter stash being transported in those cheeks.

[  0.00]  Walk out of parking lot to Church Road, turn right then right again on Henry Hudson Trail
[  0.60]  Cross Route 79 - cross to the left then to the right, trail continues to right of paving stone company
[  1.00]  Cross Wilson Avenue
[  1.10]  Cross Texas Road
[  2.00]  Cross Greenwood Road
[  2.10]  Cross Tennent Road
[  2.45]  Go under old bridge
[  2.75]  Cross Brown Road
[  2.85]  Power cut leaves to the right
[  2.90]  Cross road at cemetery
[  3.05]  Possible trail parking lot on right (not on map)
[  3.50]  Harbor Road; retrace

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