Monday, October 22, 2012

Harriman State Park, NY - Reeves Brook to Diamond Mountain to Stony Brook

Harriman State Park - The Palisades Parks Conservancy
Harriman State Park - New York State Parks

GPS Coordinates to Reeves Meadow Visitor Center parking 41.173744,-74.168567

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This parking lot fills up quickly, even during the week.  Monday at 7:30 AM...
... Monday at 2:30 PM, lot packed and people hovering for spots.  Everyone tends to go to Pine Meadow Lake - ran into very few hikers on this hike.

TRAIL MAP:  NY/NJ Trail Conference Southern Harriman Bear Mountain Trails Map 118

Diamond Mountain -

HIKE DISTANCE:  6.5 miles

Start on the red on white Pine Meadow Trail from the parking lot for a short distance then turn right on the white-blazed Reeves Brook Trial.
Only 9 days ago there was very little color in this area - now past peak with lots of leaf drop but still very nice color at the views.
The white trail follows along pretty Reeves Brook.
An abandoned home on the trail.
Immediately after turning left on the blue on white Seven Hills Trail, a steep uphill scramble that can present a huge challenge for dogs.
Checking to be sure I am really serious about going this way.
Some incentive part of the way up.
Almost there...
Now that was worth the climb!
After crossing a gas pipeline cut, up to more panoramic views.

Views continue along the Seven Hills Trail.
A brand new bridge replaces the one destroyed by Hurricane Irene where the Seven Hills and Kakiat Trails cross over Pine Meadow Creek.  (Shown as "bridge out" on the 2012 map.)
Pine Meadow Creek
Not at all amused at yet another claw-biting vertical scramble.
But there is a chicken jerky reward at the top for her...
... and more views for both of us.
Lake Sebago comes into view.
The descent on the red line on white Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy Trail was much gentler than the climb up.
The Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy Trail crosses Diamond Creek before ending at the orange trail.
The yellow-blazed trail runs along scenic Stony Brook.
Foliage in the gas pipeline cut.
It was an amazing crystal clear day.
Now that feels good!
Stony Brook

[  0.00]  Take red square on white trail Pine Meadow Trail to right of kiosk and visitor center
[  0.05]  Turn right on white Reeves Brook Trail
[  1.20]  Left on blue on white Seven Hills Trail; steep vertical scramble
[  1.50]  Rock hop creek then cross gas pipeline cut
[  1.75]  Orange merges in from the right then leaves to the left; stay on blue on white
[  2.05]  Right on blue on white/red on white combined
[  2.10]  Left on blue on white/red on white when white joins in from the right, cross bridge then turn left on blue on white/white when red on white goes right
[  2.20]  Right on blue on white when white goes straight (turn hard to see - blaze on large boulder)
[  2.75]  Orange comes in from left; stay on blue on white/orange when yellow starts to the right
[  3.00]  Orange leaves to the left, stay on blue on white
[  3.05]  Yellow starts on the right, stay on blue on white
[  3.45]  Keep left on blue on white when grassy woods road goes right
[  3.70]  Turn left on red line on white Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy Trail
[  4.10]  Rock hop Diamond Creek
[  4.25]  Left on orange when red line on white goes straight
[  4.30]  Right on yellow Stony Brook Trail when orange goes straight
[  4.50]  Rock hop over Diamond Creek
[  5.60]  White joins in from right, cross bridge, right on white/yellow after bridge
[  5.95]  Cross gas pipeline
[  6.00]  Cross bridge
[  6.10]  Turn right on red square on white Pine Meadow Trail
[  6.50]  Back at parking lot


  1. I've hiked at Harriman dozens of times before, but this one was a first. Really pretty hike, especially with the cascades/waterfalls. I absolutely LOVED the scrambles - they're the best part of the hike. Thanks so much for sharing (and congrats to your dog for climbing up the rocks).

    1. I bet the water was really flowing at this time of year, must have been gorgeous! I think that was about the last time my dog did a scramble like that. I have to be careful that we don't run into that kind of terrain now because she just can't do it any more having turned 13 and with arthritis. Just happy she can still hike so keeping things a little easier for her.


  2. Your blog is an amazing reference for hikes.

    It happens to be I did the "Ramapo Torne/Raccoon Brook Hills Trail Loop from Reeves Meadow" hike yesterday ( )

    But many times I use your blog.

    Keep up your amazing work

  3. I'm doing research and planning to hike the Reeves Brook Loop Trail this coming weekend and I came across your blog. Very informative and detailed and I love all the beautiful pictures you took from your hike. Great work and thanks for sharing!

  4. About how long did this hike take you?

    1. Sorry, I don't track time on hikes and I would not remember from 4 years ago anyway!

  5. This was a great help, and a beautiful blog. I am happy that I stumbled upon it. I do have a question; are the rock scrambles dangerous? I hike quite a bit, however, not to familiar with the definition of "scramble" The last hike I did was Anthony's Nose (we took the hard way up) and I found the climb up to be moderate, for me. Can you compare?

    1. Thanks, Nancy. It's been over 4 years since I did that hike and I have done hundreds since so I really don't recall every detail but as you can see from the picture with my dog in it, the scramble (where you use hands and feet to climb up) is pretty much straight up and down. I remember it was hard to get her up and my focus would have been on that at the time so I honestly don't recall how difficult it was for me.