Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hawk Rise Sanctuary, NJ

Hawk Rise Sanctuary - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Hawk Rise Sanctuary to Open in Linden - Suburban News
Hawk Rise Sanctuary - New Jersey Audubon

GPS Coordinates 40.603003, -74.251767

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Parking on the left just before the animal control facility and animal shelter at the end of Range Road.

Yellow is the existing trail (unblazed).

HIKE DISTANCE:  1.25 miles
This is not actually a hike but I felt it was worth mentioning since this is a new trail in an area where there are very few trails.  It is almost across the street from Merck Pharmaceuticals in Rahway - a great lunch hour place for employees - or a quick leg stretcher if you happen to be in the area.  Lots and lots of birds here!

From the kiosk the trail starts as a gravel path which leads to a boardwalk.
Boardwalk through wetlands with viewing area and interpretive signs.
First bird sighting from the viewing area - a female red-winged blackbird (Thanks, Dan Balogh for the ID!).
There is a stark difference between the boardwalk meandering through the woods and the unattractive industrial area just out of view.
The trail alternates between boardwalk and gravel paths.
Approaching the landfill where birds abound.
Observation deck adjacent to landfill overlooking wetlands.
Path between wetlands and landfill.
At the kiosk it states no pets are allowed yet there is a poop bag dispenser? 

[  0.00]  From the kiosk veer left on the gravel path towards the boardwalk
[  0.15]  Keep left at end of boardwalk
[  0.40]  At the end of the boardwalk, veer right on gravel path when dirt road goes left
[  0.50]  Keep left at fork to interpretive sign; retrace
[  0.55]  Left on gravel road coming off trail to interpretive sign
[  0.65]  Turn left on boardwalk towards landfill
[  0.70]  At end of boardwalk turn right along split rail fence (no sign but left on dirt road is not allowed)
[  0.80]  Observation deck at end; circle around and retrace
[  0.95]  At end of split rail fence, turn left on boardwalk when off limits dirt road goes straight
[  1.00]  At T-intersection turn left on boardwalk
[  1.10]  At intersection turn left on boardwalk
[  1.15]  At intersection turn left on gravel path when right goes to parking lot
[  1.25]  Back at parking lot


  1. I volunteer at the animal shelter- we were told no dogs are allowed- too bad- the dogs could use a nice place to walk after being caged up.
    It would also have been nice to fix the road. I guess they ran out of money. Did you bring your dog???

    1. I knew there were no dogs allowed (it says so in the rules at the kiosk and I figured that would be the case since Audubon-associated places normally do not allow dogs) so I had to sneak out of the house alone. I was sooooo busted the minute I picked up the camera. Unfortunately I will not be a regular user because of dogs not being allowed. For me it is a huge waste to go for a walk without a dog when I have dogs that need walking. (Not to mention the fact I am no longer allowed to go there, per the dogs.)


  2. Wow!! Thank you for finding this and going "dogless" to blog it. I DO work across the street- would NEVER have known it was here. Know where I am gonna be at lunchtime :))

    1. That is what I was hoping, that people who could use it on their lunch hour would see the information - excellent!


  3. These photos are wonderful--thanks for sharing! I live in the area and we definitely need more of these improvements in that section of Linden. So glad this is now open!

    1. Thanks! Yes, never enough nature in this area, that's for sure!


  4. I was also diappointed in the "no dogs allowed" sign, especially since we had brought both our dogs with us on our first visit. Does anyone know if bike riding is allowed? I didn't see any info one way the other.

  5. I rode my bike there today. It seems to be allowed, although not much fun riding on the gravel parts of the trail.
    Still, worth taking a ride out there, just watch out for the 18-wheelers and bumpy Range Road.
    Personally, I'm glad dogs are not allowed. I'm surrounded by inconsiderate neighbors who seem to think their idiot dogs are their children. Hawk Rise is a nice getaway from all that damn barking.
    - Ron Martins, "beautiful" Linden NJ