Monday, February 27, 2012

Pequannock Watershed, NJ: Echo Lake West

Pequannock Watershed - Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation

GSP Coordinates 41.046983, -74.410376

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A permit is required to hike in the Pequannock Watershed.  Permits must be purchased in person in the office at the starting point for this hike.  Click here for information on obtaining permits.

North Jersey Trails Map #116 - NY/NJ Trail Conference

HIKE DISTANCE:   4.3 miles

Crossing the dam at Echo Lake.
Echo Lake from the dam.
The teal-blazed Highlands Trail starts out smooth along Echo Lake before it becomes rocky and wet in places.
A female and male Common Merganser.
Canada geese in flight.
Ice in Echo Lake breaking up in 50 degree weather.
The white trail leaves the Highlands Trail at the end of Echo Lake and leads into a swamp.
Looking back at Echo Lake from the swamp.
Kanouse Mountain Road
The sometimes white square blazed woods road back down to Echo Lake and the Highlands Trail.
Heading back on the Highlands Trail.
Some litter removal from along the trail.

[  0.00]  From the parking follow the teal diamond blazes of the Highlands Trail towards Echo Lake
[  0.30]  Trail begins to follow along Echo Lake, occasional white blazes along with teal
[  1.65]  Left on teal uphill when white forks to the right (white trail ends in swamp)
[  1.85]  Left on unmarked woods road (Kanouse Road) when teal goes right
[  2.10]  Keep straight on woods road with unmarked trail blocked by logs goes right
[  2.35]  Keep straight on woods road when unmarked trail at a large rock goes left
[  2.40]  Keep straight on woods road when unmarked woods road at cairn goes left
[  2.65]  Turn left on woods road just as Kanouse Road starts to descend and bend to the left
[  2.70]  At intersection with another woods road, turn left and descend down to Echo Lake (occasional white square blazes along this trail)
[  3.05]  Right on teal blazed Highlands Trail at Echo Lake
[  4.30]  Back at parking lot

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