Friday, December 23, 2011

Wells Mills Park, Ocean County, NJ

Wells Mills Park - Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation

GPS Coordinates 39.795622, -74.276569

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Wells Mills County Park Trail Map - Ocean County Parks Department

HIKE DISTANCE:  8.4 miles

The park requires hikers to sign the trail register.  The latch is up underneath the top of the trail register box - the door with the handle comes down

Although hunting is not allowed in this park, the trails are closed certain days due to hunting on neighboring properties.  Call 609-971-3085 to check.  This picture shows 2011 dates.
Beginning of the Penns Hill Trail between the Visitor Center and Wells Mills Lake.
Wells Mills Lake
The Penns Hill Trail winds along Wells Mills Lake through cedar forests.
Many bridges and boardwalks lead over swampy areas and they can be very slippery when wet or icy.
Hilly terrain in the otherwise flat Pine Barrens.
Pine trees of the Pine Barrens.
Bench at Penns Hill summit.
Fence crossing where yellow/green/white trails merge together.
Combined white/green/yellow trails.
Bridge over Oyster Creek.
Oyster Creek

[  0.00]  Start white-blazed Penns Hill Trail other side of Visitor's Center
[  0.30]  Straight on white over foot bridge when blue goes right
[  0.40]  Keep straight on white when yellow/green crossed over 
[  0.45]  Cross unmarked sand road
[  1.15]  Cross unmarked trail
[  1.85]  Two mile marker 
[  2.00]  Cross unmarked sand road
[  2.50]  Summit of Penns Hill at bench 
[  2.80]  Laurel Hill 
[  3.50]  White joins green and yellow to the right on sand road other side of fence 
[  3.60]  White/yellow/green turns sharply left at scout reservation 
[  3.80]  Cross Oyster Creek on bridge 
[  3.85]  Trails veer left when woods road comes in from right
[  4.00]  White leaves as foot path to left when green/yellow continue on sand road between park signs
[  4.70]  Five mile marker 
[  6.00]  Cross over yellow/green 
[  6.40]  Cross woods road 
[  6.70]  Seven mile marker 
[  7.60]  Cross woods road
[  8.20]  White turn right on woods road joining green/yellow  
[  8.30]  Cross wide bridge over Oyster Creek 
[  8.35]  Keep straight on white/yellow/green as pink Cold Brook Trail goes right; Wells Mill Lake on left
[  8.40]  Visitor Center

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