Thursday, November 24, 2011

Harriman State Park, NY - Cranberry Mountain and ORAK Ruins

Harriman State Park - The Palisades Parks Conservancy

GPS Coordinates 41.229714, -74.060327

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Parking on Route 106

Southern Harriman Bear Mountain Trails Map #118 - NY/NJ Trail Conference

9.6 miles
Click here for a shorter 4.5 mile version.

Cranberry Mountain -
Big Hill -
Jackie Jones Mountain -
Breakneck Mountain - 

Facing the road from the parking lot, turn left, walk up Route 106 briefly, cross bridge then turn left on the paved roads and go beyond the gates at the yellow blazes.
ORAK Manion Ruins - Summer home of a former VP of the company that makes Karo Syrup built in 1923 (ORAK = KARO spelled backwards)
The aqua-blazed Long Path approaching Big Hill.
Big Hill Shelter built in 1927.
New York City skyline from the Big Hill shelter.
Camp Lanowa cabins at Breackneck Pond.  Camp Lanowa is a summer camp for inner city kids.
Breakneck Pond dock at Lake Lanowa
Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy Trail connecting to the yellow-blazed Buck Trail.
Cranberry Mountain Trail
Top of Cranberry Mountain off of unmarked side trail
Breakneck Pond from Cranberry Mountain.  The white-blazed Breakneck Mountain trail runs along the ridge on the other side of Breakneck Pond.
Turn left on an unmarked trail before this intersection to connect to the aqua-blazed Long Path.
Yellow-blazed Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail to Jackie Jones Mountain.
Jackie Jones fire tower built in 1928.

[  0.00]  Left on Rt. 106 over bridge, left on paved road beyond gates on yellow-blazed trail
[  0.20]  The yellow trail veers left on the fork of a more narrow paved drive beyond boulders
[  0.35]  ORAK mansion ruins
[  0.80]  Turn left on unmarked woods road when the yellow trail turns right on the woods road
[  1.05]  At T-intersection with #712 on sign turn left
[  1.15]  As the woods road veers right at bottom of hill, turn right on aqua-blazed Long Path
[  1.20]  Rock hop over creek
[  1.90]  Yellow joins in from the right; follow aqua and yellow combined
[  2.00]  Big Hill Shelter with views; continue on yellow only on the other side of the shelter
[  2.70]  Third reservoir visible on left
[  2.85]  After long bare rock surface, yellow scrambles down to the left, at bottom when yellow turns left, turn right on white-blazed trail which then follows the left fork (white blazes may be faded and hard to see)
[  2.90]  Turn right on unmarked trail then left at fork
[  3.05]  Camp Lanowa and Breakneck Pond; retrace
[  3.25]  Watch for unmarked trail on right to reconnect to white trail, turn right on white
[  4.50]  At end of white trail, turn right on white with red line trail
[  4.55]  Right on woods road at two cairns
[  4.65]  Woods road comes out at clearing after swampy area, turn left on yellow-blazed trail
[  5.10]  Turn right on yellow with black diagonal line-blazed trail when yellow goes left
[  5.40]  Rock hop over creek
[  5.50]  Turn left on woods road when yellow with black diagonal line trail ends
[  5.70]  When woods road turns left, turn right on woods road lined with boulders on left which is Cranberry MountainTrail
[  6.45]  Just before paved trail comes in on left, turn right on unmarked trail
[  6.65]  Top of Cranberry Mountain to right of large white containers with seasonal view of Breakneck Pond below; retrace
[  6.85]  Right on Cranberry Mountain Trail woods road coming off of unmarked trail, veer right as Cranberry Mountain Trail becomes paved as paved road joins in from left
[  7.10]  Paved trail crosses creek
[  7.15]  Power cut
[  7.20]  Turn left on unmarked trail just before pavement veers right and unpaved woods road goes straight; after a few steps, turn right on aqua-blazed Long Path (hard to see in that direction - as soon as you see an aqua blaze, turn around and follow the trail blazes to the left)
[  7.90]  When the aqua-blazed Long Path crosses a woods road, turn left on woods road
[  8.15]  Turn left on the yellow-blazed trail leaving woods road
[  8.25]  Rock hop over creek
[  8.45]  Rock hop over creek
[  8.70]  Fire tower on top of Jackie Jones Mountain; views near communications tower
[  9.40]  ORAK mansion ruins
[  9.80]  Turn right on Rt. 106 back to parking

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