Saturday, July 2, 2011

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, NJ: Millbrook Village and Van Campens Glen

Millbrook Village - National Park Service
Van Campens Glen - National Park Service (link no longer works)
Tocks Island Dam Project - Wikipedia
DePue Burying Ground - Find A Grave

Millbrook Village Parking GPS Coordinates 41.073833, -74.963142

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Southern Kittatinny Trail Map 121 - NY/NJ Trail Conference


This hike is usually done in a counter clockwise direction with Van Campens Glen at the end of the hike.  This is the clockwise version with Van Campens Glen at the beginning of the hike. Because Van Campens Glen is very popular, starting this way first thing in the morning avoids the crowds.
Pick up the gravel road through Millbrook Village to the left of the map in the parking lot.  Proceed through the village as the gravel road veer left and comes to a T-intersection.  Turn right briefly and cross over Millbrook Road to continue through the village.
Wagon Shop (restrooms around to the left of the building)
Millbrook School
Historic Dog House?
Be sure to print out the National Park Service brochure for explanations of all of the buildings.

Continue straight ahead at the end of the village and arrive at Watergate Picnic Area in another half mile.
Watergate Picnic Area
Just as you are entering the picnic area, look to the right under the trees for this grave marker:
According to NY-NJ-CT Botany Online:
Watergate was the 1950s estate of George Busch. There are only remains now, such as a stone dam with a Victorian turret and the grave of Busch's dog Bozo.
1952 – his wife Helene died at age 49.
1970 – George died in his sleep.
Once through the Watergate Picnic Area, look for a trail to the left of an earthen dam which will soon cross Van Campens Brook on a small bridge.  When I did this hike this section was very overgrown.
Earthen dam - not the correct trail.  Take the trail down to the left on a lower level.
Where the trail up to now has been unmarked, you will soon start seeing the yellow blazes of the Van Campens Trail.
Van Campens Trail follows to the left of Van Campens Brook through hemlocks.
The Van Campens Trail ends at a parking lot/picnic area/restroom.  Turn right to Old Mine Road, turn left and walk along Old Mine Road a short distance then turn right on the Hamilton Ridge Trail which is an old woods road.  Watch a short distance ahead, near a low hanging power line, for a side trail to the right.  This trail leads to DePue Burying Grounds with tombstones from the 1800's.
Return to the Hamilton Ridge Trail and continue on as it becomes the orange-blazed Pioneer Trail.
Hiding in plain sight on the Pioneer Trail.
Old farms and homes now in ruins, abandoned because of the Tocks Island Dam Project that fortunately never happened.
At the top of the bluffs, the Delaware River is blocked by foliage.
The orange-blazed Pioneer Trail begins to ascend through a hemlock ravine:
Back on the Hamilton Ridge Trail, an abandoned paved road.
The Orchard Trail back to Millbrook Village

[  0.00]  Start on gravel road to left of parking lot map through Millbrook Village; cross Millbrook Road and continue through village
[  0.65]  Pass pond on right
[  0.70]  Trail veers right between to ponds then left towards Watergate Picnic Area; take left lower fork at opposite end of picnic area, cross bridge, cross power cut
[  1.25]  Keep straight across paved drive; brook is on right and yellow blazes start
[  1.60]  Left on paved path
[  1.65]  Turn right at hiker's sign leaving paved path
[  1.95]  Descend steps
[  2.05]  Cross bridge
[  2.15]  Ascend steps
[  2.50]  Turn right at parking lot/picnic area/restroom
[  2.55]  Turn left and walk along Mine Road
[  2.60]  Turn right on Hamilton Trail, woods road beyond barrier
[  2.65]  Turn right on unmarked path to DePue cemetary
[  2.70]  DePue cemetary; retrace back to Hamilton Trail
[  2.75]  Continue left on Hamilton Trail
[  2.90]  Keep straight on orange-blazed Pioneer Trail
[  3.50]  Stay right on orange trail as woods road veers left
[  4.80]  Orange Pioneer Trail ends, left on paved Hamilton Ridge Road (unmarked)
[  5.40]  Turn right on orange-blazed Orchard Trail
[  6.00]  Cross Old Mine Road back to Millbrook Village parking lot


  1. These are wonderful trail descriptions and photos. I've done a couple of these hikes and the descriptions seem spot on. Thanks for being a fine guide!

  2. A nice winter hike. Some snow, stumbled on burial grounds, new powerlines construction, water views