Sunday, January 16, 2011

French Creek State Park, PA and Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, PA

French Creek State Park - Pennsylvania DCNR
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site - National Park Service

Although there are several parking options along this route, the Shed Road lot is large, has easy access to trails, and was accessible and plowed when I was there after a snow storm 4 days prior.  
GPS Coordinates 40.217513, -75.775452

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French Creek State Park Trail Map
I did find this map somewhat confusing to follow with trail names instead of colors so I colored in the trails to illustrate more clearly. 

HIKE DISTANCE:  8.85 miles (plus .7 miles walking around Hopewell Village)

This hike starts in French Creek State Park, goes through Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, then finishes through French Creek State Park.  From the Shed Road parking area, cross over Shed Road; cross to the other side of the barrier; turn left on the white with red stripe/green trail.
The hike will follow the white with red stripe Mill Creek Trail for a little over 4 miles.
White with Red Stripe Mill Creek Trail
Miller's Point
Mill Creek
Limited Seasonal Views Along Mill Creek Trail

Yellow with Red Stripe Buzzards Trail
Walk Along Hopewell Road Crossing Route 345 to Hopewell Village
Restrooms at Far End of Hopwell Furnace Administrative Building
Note this sign at intersection at the admin building - return here after exploring Hopewell Village.
Dogs are not allowed in buildings so we peeked in from the outside.
 After returning back to the Reading/Valley Forge sign, the gravel road blazed intermittently in green takes you to the white-circle-blazed Collier Trail, then the green-blazed Lenape Trail, back to the parking lot.

[  0.00]  Cross Shed Road; left on white with red stripe combined with green trail
[  0.30]  Keep straight on white with red stripe as green goes right
[  0.70]  Cross power cut
[  1.00]  White with red stripe trail slits - go left
[  1.80]  Miller's Point
[  2.15]  Left on white with red stripe where blue/red trail comes in from the right
[  2.50]  Cross small creek
[  2.75]  Cross small creek
[  2.85]  Cross Mill Creek; keep left on white with red stripe when red comes in from right
[  3.00]  White with red stripe trail makes sharp right turn
[  3.20]  Stay left as unmarked trail goes right
[  3.55]  White with red stripe trail leaves woods road to the right
[  4.35]  Left on yellow with red stripe Buzzards Trail just over top of the hill
[  4.50]  Yellow with red stripe trail splits - go left
[  5.05]  At top of hill left on yellow with red stripe as unmarked goes straight
[  5.90]  Yellow with red stripe trail splits - go left
[  6.25]  Welcome to Hopewell Furnace sign at park boundary
[  6.45]  Keep straight when yellow comes in from right; few steps then turn left at unmarked trail junction
[  6.60]  Cross bridge keep following unmarked trail
[  6.80]  Turn right crossing bridge; then turn left towards paved Hopewell Road
[  6.90]  Turn right and walk along paved Hopewell Road (intermittent green blazes on trees); cross Route 345; continue along Hopwell Road
[  7.25]  Left on gravel road at Admin Office sign with green blaze on tree
[  7.40]  Restrooms at for end of admin office; note Reading/Valley Forge sign at intersection and return to that point after exploring Hopewell Village; continue along green blazed gravel road in the direction of Reading.
[  7.45]  Keep straight at intersection with blue trail, take a few steps then turn right on white circle Collier Trail
[  7.80]  Cross paved park road and continue on white circle trail
[  8.25]  Right on green trail where white trail joins green trail to the left
[  8.75]  Cross intersection of Route 345/Shed Road and continue on green trail; turn left at information board; cross Shed Road at other side of barrier
[  8.85]  Arrive back at parking lot


  1. I think they should allow dogs in buildings! I love that shot of yours looking in through the doorway, that is priceless! As always, beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. looking at the pic of miller point, is that by the quarry? it looks really familiar. if its not, have you seen the quarry/over look up in french creek? its absolutely breathtaking! im pam, btw, im the one that asked about ricketts glen

  3. if not, here are some pics!

  4. We did this one Christmas Day 2013. Nice hike, good instructions. Our dog loved it. Thanks for the write up and photos to keep us on track.

  5. we are hoping to do this hike with our dog. I love the pics with your dog. Great angle... thanks for posting this site.