Wednesday, November 28, 2012

D&R Canal State Park, NJ - Amwell Road to Zarephath

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park
Colonial Park - Somerset County Park Commission

GPS Coordinates 40.503477, -74.582888

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Amwell Road (Route 514) Parking Lot

D&R Canal State Park Map

5.6 miles total out and back (2.6 miles each way + .4 miles in Colonial Park)

Walk beyond the gate directly from the parking lot heading north.
The bridge over the canal leads to ...
... Colonial Park.  I did not know it at the time but there is much more to explore based on the map I found later.
Not  much to see in the rose garden in the winter.
View of the canal heading back over the bridge.
Interpretive sign at the spillway.
Following deer tracks.
Water joins in from the left so the path has water on both sides for a while.
Hibernating Canoes
The path crosses over Weston Canal Road.  There are a couple of pull-out parking spots on the left on Weston Canal Road.
The next street crossing is at the turn around point at...
Pillar of Fire (Zarephath)
Heading back southbound.
Couldn't get very good shots of this very elusive hawk but I think it might be a Coopers Hawk.
Taking off just after I shot the first picture.
Crossing back over the spillway.
An old mile post.

[  0.00]  Head north from parking lot beyond barrier
[  0.40]  23 1/2 mile marker
[  0.50]  Bridge on right to Colonial Park
[  0.90]  Back from Colonial Park continuing on path
[  1.30]  24 mile marker
[  1.80]  24 1/2 mile marker
[  2.30]  25 mile marker
[  2.45]  Cross Weston Canal Road
[  3.00]  Pillar of Fire; retrace
[  3.55]  Cross Weston Canal Road
[  3.70]  25 mile marker
[  4.20]  24 1/2 mile marker
[  4.70]  24 mile marker
[  4.80]  Bridge on left to Colonial Park
[  5.20]  23 1/2 mile marker
[  5.60]  Back at parking

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