Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Delaware and Lehigh Trail, PA - Cove Road to Slatington

Trail Section: Slatington – Cove Road - Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

GPS Coordinates 40.73439, -75.53874
Cove Road parking at 7:30 AM on July Fourth holiday.
Cove Road parking at 1 PM - the cars go well beyond what in in this photo and this is only 1 of 2 lots.  There is river access from here also so that accounts for a lot of the cars although the trail also gets very busy.

Trail Section: Slatington – Cove Road - Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor
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HIKE DISTANCE:  11 miles (5.5 miles each way)

Heading to the trail from the end of the parking lot and turning leftt.
After going under Route 145, it's all woods.
That would be rain in the Lehigh River to the right.  Forecast was for partly sunny - it poured the minute I pulled into the lot.  Fortunately it did not last long.
Rock cliffs on the left.
Shawnee walked the first 1.25 miles on her own.  I didn't bother with the wheelchair this time.
Old railroad parts throughout.
Concrete Phone Booth
It's busy on this trail even early on a holiday.
Bad, bad dog.  She fought me tooth and nail getting into the stroller but once in you would never know.
Waiting for me (like she has a choice) while I check out a path that turned out not to provide much in the way of a river view.
From a distance with the zoom lens, I could see birds coming and going.
But once I came up along with row of whimsical birdhouses, you would have thought they were all vacant.  Nothing moved.  Nothing.
But I know there were in there because I saw them.
Flowers growing in a stack of old railroad ties.
She actually fell asleep.
Picnic tables along the way.
The only road crossings are driveways when there are residences on the right between the trail and the river.
Rhododendron in bloom on the rock cliffs.
A clear view of the Lehigh River at the top of a rock slab.
Most of the time the Lehigh River is just to the right of the trail.
This cedar waxwing sat so nicely on a branch over the river that I got several poses from him.
How festive since it's the Fourth of July.
Gray Catbird - I think I have one from every hike so far this summer.
Indigo Bunting
When the trail passes through a residential area, somebody placed water bowls for passing dogs.
Shortly after arriving at the Slatington parking lot and that would be a restroom building on the left.  Yay!
It has a nice shaded stroller parking area.
I had accidentally dumped Shawnee's water and spilled most of it so I was able to refill here.
Heading back, lots of people floating down the Lehigh River.
Tree Swallow
Old bridge abutments...
... all the way across the Lehigh River.
Another nap.  Must be awfully comfortable in there.  So why the big fight to get her in? 
The entire length of the section we did is shaded.
Back at Route 145 ...
... and the insanely busy parking lots.


  1. You are such a good Mommy to Shawnee taking her on these hikes in a stroller. She probably doesn't want to get in because she wishes she could walk as long as she used to. You got some great shots of birds and flowers. Thanks for sharing! I love getting your emails every week. Joanne from NJ

    1. Thanks, Joanne. I love getting your comments :)


  2. Beautiful, beautiful flower & bird pics! And nice shots of Shawnee too. Especially the ones of her peering over her shoulder in the stroller w/that "Aw, gee, Mom, even though I fought you & gave you such a hard time, how could you possibly stay mad at this face?"- look. ;)

    1. Thanks, Linda. It's all part of her master plan for putting me on a guilt trip for being mean to her.


  3. So sad to see them aging so quickly, but glad you're making adjustments to your hikes for her. My oldest is 9 now and I've had to do the same. The longer hikes (5+ miles) are a rarity and she needs 1-2 days off afterwards. Most days we just do 3-4 miles now. I can't even imagine going out without her though.

    1. I know what you mean. Even though I do sometimes venture out without her when I want to do more difficult trails, it's not the same as when she used to be able to do those with me.