Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shenandoah River State Park, VA - Bluebell Loop

ABOUT THE PARK:  Raymond R. "Andy" Guest Jr. Shenandoah River State Park

GPS coordinates to cabin trail head: 38.848503, -78.318693

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This hike started at the kiosk at the cabin access trail right outside of my cabin.  There is no parking if not staying in a cabin so this hike would need to start from one of the public parking lots below.
Parking at Culler's Overlook:  GPS Coordinates 38.8522,-78.30646
Parking at the canoe launch:  GPS Coordinates 38.8636,-78.309898

Shenandoah River State Park Trail Guide - Virginia State Parks
Shenandoah River State Park, VA - Bluebell Loop at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  4.3 miles

Trail head at the cabins.
Descending towards the river.
At the intersection with the orange-blazed Culler's Trail, a jog to the left then a right turn on a mowed path cuts over to the green-blazed River Trail.
Turn right on the River Trail; there are several short side trails on the left to benches at the river.
Shenandoah River with Massanutten Mountain in the background.
Steps down to the river from the trail.
The River Trail ends and the blue-blazed Bluebell trail begins, continuing along the river.
Straight ahead is the canoe launch parking, an alternate parking spot for this hike.  Here turn right on the green-blazed Hemlock Hollow Trail.
A bridge over Hemlock Hollow,
Coming up behind the visitor center.
Culler's Overlook up above.
View from the trail under the Culler's Overlook deck.
View from the Culler's Overlook deck.  (The other parking option for this hike.)
Continuing on the blue-blazed Campground Trail from Culler's Overlook.
View of the campground from the trail.
A very short walk on Overnight Road ...
... to just beyond the trail crossing sign ...
... leads to the orange-blazed Culler's Trail.
There birds were having a blast splashing around in a puddle on Culler's Trail.
Waiting for me to pass so they could get back to bathing.
Culler's Trail along the fields.
Heading back up to the cabin.

[  0.00]  Take cabin access trail at trailhead kiosk next to cabin 6
[  0.20]  Turn left on orange-blazed Culler’s Trail briefly then right on unmarked mowed path
[  0.30]  Turn right on green-blazed River Trail (watch for multiple side trails to river views on left)
[  0.90]  Continue straight on blue-blazed Bluebell Trail
[  1.90]  Turn right on green-blazed Hemlock Hollow Trail
[  2.40]  Turn right on burgundy-blazed Overlook Trail behind visitor’s center
[  2.90]  At intersection continue straight to Culler’s Overlook; retrace
[  3.05]  Back at the intersection, turn left on purple-blazed Campground Trail
[  3.65]  Turn left on paved campground road then at the stop sign turn right on Overnight Road
[  3.70]  Turn right on orange-blazed Culler’s Trail just beyond “Trail Crossing” sign
[  4.15]  Turn left on unmarked cabin access trail
[  4.30]  Back at trailhead at cabin 6


  1. Love all the Virginia hikes for the week- think his one is my favorite!! So beautiful here

    1. Thanks! It's so beautiful everywhere there. I don't even mind driving a distance to other hikes, the countryside is so beautiful. I end up pulling over to let people pass me because I don't want to speed through it and miss anything.

  2. I lost my husband 6 months ago. His name was Raymond Russell Guest and he was from Warrington PA originally. I've been searching through these sights to find out why it's called Raymond R. Guest and there doesn't seem to be that information. Can you tell me?
    Connie Guest imaguest22@gmail.com