Saturday, June 10, 2017

Delaware Water Gap NRA, PA - McDade Recreational Trail from Egypt Mills to Jerry Lees

McDade Recreation Trail - National Park Service

GPS Coordinates 41.15610, -74.90808
Jerry Lees Parking
 GPS Coordinates 41.12541, -74.95262
Egypt Mills parking to start this hike from the opposite end.

Kittatinny Trails Map #121 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
McDade Trail Map - National Park Service
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HIKE DISTANCE:  8.1 miles (4 miles each way)

The first raindrop fell as I locked the car doors so I grabbed the old car umbrella.
Oh no, a blow down.
Fortunately Shawnee was able to slide right under because it would have been difficult to get by otherwise.
A gray catbird that there are always so many of.  But they are so easy to photograph because they sit still and pose.
Finally, the rain pulled out and the blue skies appeared.
There aren't many Delaware River views along this section but there is a glimpse now and then.
A balloon!
Actually two balloons - these would be #31 and #32 of the year.
At the Eshback Trail Access you can go down to the boat launch for river views ...
... but on this day it was too muddy to go any farther.
Yellow Warbler
Back on the McDade Trail.
We weren't even hiking in tall grass and I pulled a total of 23 ticks off of Shawnee during this hike.  They really are horrendous this year.  In all my years of hiking I have never seen so many ticks.
As I was taking a picture of one of the partial river views I saw a bird land on the other side ...
... zoomed and and got him - a Baltimore Oriole.
There was a side trail to the left down to the river but I could see people down there so decided to wait until the return trip to investigate.
Common Yellowthroat - they might be common but they sure are hard to photograph.  I actually got a couple of shots of this one as he flitted aound.
Song Sparrow
Our turn around point at Egypt Mills where we finished the last section.
But first, a side trail down to Tom's Creek...
... for a dip in the water.
Getting her bottom half soaked actually kept the ticks off until she started to dry out.
The barrier on the other side is where we sent down to Tom's Creek hiking the previous section.
Heading back.
That side trail, now on the right, goes to a camping spot on the river.  It's a very steep trail down so we had to abandon the wheelchair at the top.
Nice river views here.
Regulations for this camping spot.
Heading back up to the McDade Trail.
It was getting very hot in full sun but fortunately most of the trail was shaded around noon.
Eshback Access was much busier on the way back.
We took a water break at the bench after crossing this bridge where Shawnee got pets from a family and their children, which she always loves!  As a group of bikes passed, the last woman turned out to be a blog follower, recognized Shawnee and gave us a shout out.  How cool!
The family who stopped to pet Shawnee ...
... stopped at the blow down, other bikers stopped to help ...
... and they worked together to move that downed tree off of the trail.  All clear now just as we were coming up on it.  Thanks!
Back at the parking lot.


  1. It looks like a beautiful trail, so lush and green. You got some beautiful shots! Always glad to see Shawnee. Thanks for sharing! Joanne from NJ

  2. Terrific post! Looks like a great hike! Loved all the pictures and a couple great bird shots!

    re: Ticks: A couple weeks ago I adopted a retured greyhound and the rescue recco'd a Seresto collar for fleas/ticks. A couple days later when I went to my vet to get her checked out and put into their system - he came out and recco'd the same collar and put it on her. I have not had a problem with ticks so far - fingers crossed it stays that way! Just wanted to share that, although you probably know about it already.

    Thank you so much for sharing your super adventures, I love seeing you and Shawnee exploring!


    1. Thanks, Cathy! Yes, we have tried the Seresto collar and although I know many who hike with dogs swear by it, it was a complete fail for us so I had to ditch it and go back to K9 Advantix. I had switched because K9 Advantix made her so itchy but when I went back to using it, it did not make her itchy any more. But it doesn't seem to repel the ticks as well now either. At least I find the ones I miss dead in her bed the next day so it is killing them. Eventually.