Sunday, February 26, 2017

Florence Kuipers Park & Rockport WMA, NJ

Florence Kuipers Park - Warren County Parks
Morris Canal Greenway - Warren County Morris Canal Greenway

GPS Coordinates 40.84002, -74.84610

Florence Kuipers Park Brochure - Warren County Parks
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HIKE DISTANCE:  3.75 miles
Hiked together with Orben Park Ice Age Trail (1.5 miles) 13 miles away

The trail starts by going through the tunnel under the railroad tracks.
On Buck Hill Road (a gated woods road) that leads to the Morris Canal Trail in .2 miles.
It was a little narrow getting through the gate so I carried the wheelchair for a but before putting Shawnee into it.
The only shot with sunshine.  It was supposed to be sunny all day.  It was not.
On the Morris Canal Trail.
I was surprised at how high up we were.
The canal on the left.
A red trail leaves to the left but you want to watch for it since the blazes are not obvious and there is no sign.
This trail climbs steeply to the top of the mountain.
Looking back at how high we have climbed.
The descent was pretty steep at times so had to hook the brakes on to the wheelchair.
Tufted Titmouse
At the bottom, coming up on Roosevelt Avenue where there are no signs or blazes.
Turn right and at the end of Roosevelt Avenue is the Morris Canal Trail.
We headed left to Harvey Street.
Mourning Dove
Just before Harvey Street, some historical information signs.
Canal Store foundation ruins.
Hope Dexter makes it home :(
Heading back.
Coming from this direction, you can see all of the words on the bridge.
If you were coming from this direction you would not know to turn right here then left after the yellow house for the red trail as there are no signs.
We continued on the Morris Canal Trail.
The section we had missed while on the red trailwas pretty wet in spots.
I tried to keep her out of the puddles but eventually gave up.
Coming from this direction, the red blazes for the other end of the red trail are much more obvious.
Back at Buck Hill Road but it looked like we might be able to continue on a bit so went to explore.
Unfortunately, that soon ended at private property so we looped back.
Tufted Titmouse
Now back on Buck Hill Road.