Friday, October 7, 2016

Delaware Water Gap NRA, PA - Mc Dade Trail from Riverview to Bushkill

McDade Recreation Trail - National Park Service

GPS Coordinates 41.04962, -75.02450
Riverview parking lot on the McDade Trail

Kittatinny Trails Map #120 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference

HIKE DISTANCE:  9 miles (4.5 miles each way)

Heading north on the McDade Trail from the Riverview parking lot.
Although it was supposed to be a gorgeous day, it started out in a cloud of fog.
My hope was that it would clear up for the return route so it would be a whole different world heading back.
That would be the Delaware River on the right somewhere in the fog.
It's there somewhere.
Waiting patiently while I went in search of the Delaware River.
The Delaware River is slowly appearing from under the fog.
Just beyond these two pillars, an option for a foot path.
Hikers can take the foot path, bikes must stay on the road.
Coming off of the foot path.
Just after the Owens parking lot the trail starts to switchback up Hogback.
At the top of Hogback and on to ...
... a loooooooong bridge.
Heading towards the park headquarters where there are supposed to be wildlife viewing areas but will save that for the return route if the fog has lifted by then.
For those without dogs, the shuttle that runs in the summer should give an option to be dropped of and hike one way.
Coming up on an old red barn with a field to the right.
The birds in the field might have thought they could not be seen in the fog so they were plentiful.
Continuing on.
Just beyond this post to the left ...
... the Bushkill Access with restrooms.
This was our turn around point.
Just in time for heading back, blue skies appearing!
Sunshine and no more fog.
Here is that field from earlier where all of the birds were.  Not so many here now with the fog gone.
Taking a break ...
... complete with power nap.
All refreshed and moving on.
Drying the fog out of his wings on a pylon.
Back at park headquarters ...
Not much to see from the first viewing platform ...
... and the second was not Shawnee-accessible ...
... so we moved on across the looooooong bridge.
Instead of taking the footpath back, we did the road walk.
Now the Delaware River was there.
This downy woodpecker was so intent on his breakfast that he did not care how close I was standing taking pictures.
Female common mergansers hanging out in the Delaware River.
Back at Riverview parking.
Heading home.


  1. Beautiful pictures as always. Looks like a great spot. The pictures with the fog would be good for Halloween. God Bless Shawnee. I'm always glad to see her still hiking with you. Thanks for sharing! Joanne from NJ

  2. Inspired by this post I hiked this trail today from the Riverview parking lot to the park headquarters and back plus the Hidden lake. Thanks for posting this. I was also impressed with Shawnee when I did the hike up from the Owens parking lot to the park office - that must be a challenge with the leg support system. Keep up the good work.

    1. How nice! I bet the foliage was really pretty now. That uphill switchback actually wasn't too hard for Shawnee. I pull her so she doesn't have to work so hard. I could stand to burn a few extra calories anyway, so it works for both of us. It's when the trails get too narrow and rocky with blow downs, those are hard on all!


    2. The colors of the foliage was gorgeous. And no fog from the start - there was a river to be found right away. Perfect days to be outside.

    3. Great, thanks! I am not going to be on the McDade Trail tomorrow rather east of the Gap on the Jersey side and was hoping for good foliage out that way. So hard to tell from way over here in the NY Metro area where nothing much is happening yet.