Sunday, May 3, 2015

Long Pond Ironworks State Park, NJ - Horse Pond Mountain-Long Hill Loop

(Last summer's picture - no park sign for this hike.)

Long Pond Ironworks State Park - NJ Department of Environmental Protection

GPS Coordinates 41.11302, -74.30552
Room for a couple of cars at the end of Lake Riconda Drive.

Harrison Mountain - Peakery

North Jersey Trails Map 115 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference
Long Pond Ironworks State Park, NJ - Horse Pond Mountain/Long Hill Loop at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE: 6.3 miles

Dan and Laura hiked a different version of this hike just one week ago.  There was no green.  What a difference one week makes!
Shawnee did not come along on this hike.  Three difficult hikes in one week was plenty for her so she had to stay home and rest.  This one might have been too challenging for her anyway.
The white-blazed Horse Pond Mountain Trail starts at the end of Lake Riconda Drive right where you park.
Some power cut views of Monksville Reservoir.
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Views to the south.
The Highlands Trail leaves red and joins white at this intersection.
Tent Caterpillars
Keeping straight on white/Highlands Trail.  Yellow will be the return route.
The gnats were AWFUL and ANNOYING and would not stay out of my pictures.
Not quite sure what this is that someone left at the views but I packed it out. Not even ants were eating this.
Monksville Reservoir
A kayaker in Monksville Reservoir.
After the views, a blissfully smooth stretch but there is not much of that on this hike,
Just before the power cut turn sharply left on blue but first I went into the power cut to see what was there.
A turkey vulture in a tree!
I did not want to disturb his peaceful Sunday morning so I turned back.
Continuing on blue from the power cut.
Crossing Burnt Meadow Road.
After Burnt Meadow Road the trail is not very pretty as it goes through a power cut.
Today's tadpoles - tomorrow's mud puddle frogs.
Blue becomes much prettier as it leaves the power cut and ascends Long Hill.
Left at the other end of yellow.
Back at the intersection with white/Highlands Trail.
New Ferns
A very red spider.
The Highlands Trail continues on with red, stay on white.
Back at parking.

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