Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Watchung Reservation, NJ - Seeley's Pond

Watchung Reservation - Union County, NJ

GPS Coordinates 40.668684, -74.403621

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Seeley's Pond Picnic Area Parking

Watchung Reservation Trail Map - County of Union, NJ
Watchung Reservation, NJ - Seeley's Pond at EveryTrail


A walk from the parking lot back towards Sky Top Drive across the field leads to ...
... a footpath with a rock hop over Blue Brook.  There weren't enough rocks to get over without getting wet so we backtracked, walked out the Seeley's Pond Picninc Area drive, turned right on Sky Top Drive, crossed the bridge,
then took the trail on the right from the roadside parking area on Sky Top Road, which is alternate parking but I prefer the parking lot with getting dogs in and out of the car.
An unmarked footpath follows Blue Brook and leads to nice views of Seeley's Pond.
Even though the path is unmarked, it is maintained and easy to follow.
The unmarked path leads to the dam at the other end of Seeley's Pond.
The unmarked path connects to the white-blazed trail.
The Overlook
A very short road walk crosses straight over Sky Top Drive to an unmarked trail beyond the barrier.
This trail doesn't appear to be heavily used but it is easy to follow.
After crossing over the white trail, it follows along the top of a steep gorge.
Blue Brook down below.
Blue Brook, very low water level right now.
After crossing the bridge over Blue Brook and turning left, to the left is the pink trail and the unmarked trail on the right leads...
uphill to the Deserted Village of Feltville.
The Deserted Village of Feltville.
On unmarked footpaths around the Archeology School Site.
Joining up with the pink trail.
Back on white over the boardwalk.
The intersection of Glenside Avenue and Sky Top Drive.
A short road walk on Sky Top Drive over the bridge back to ...
the entrance of Seeley's Pond Picnic Area.

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