Friday, December 20, 2013

Manasquan Reservoir, NJ

Manasquan Reservoir - Monmouth County Park System

GPS Coordinates 40.177684, -74.220032

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Environmental Center Parking Lot

Manasquan Reservoir Trail Map - Monmouth County Park System

Manasquan Reservoir, NJ at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  5.7 miles

Starting on the Perimeter Trail from the Environmental Center parking lot going clockwise.
Heading in this direction gets the road part out of the way first.
Reservoir views from the road walk.
It's actually kind of sad, the tiny strip of wildlife habitat between the road and the reservoir.  Who would live there?
The Perimeter Trail is all wide multi-use trail...
... with many restroom opportunities.
Although it's a busy place even on a week day in the winter, there are some quieter sections.
A wildlife blind off to the left overlooking Wetland #1.
A Wetland #1 resident.
Back at the reservoir.
No access to the dam.
Tons of ducks in the reservoir, mostly common mergansers and
American coots.
Coming up on the main parking lot.
Visitor center and boat launch.
The Environmental Center from the Visitor Center boat launch area.
Back on the Perimeter Trail where it actually starts in the main parking lot.
The Cove Trail leaves to the left and adds a bit of distance back to the parking lot.
We stayed on the Perimeter Trail...
... and ran into a long-time virtual hiking friend and blog follower!


  1. I really like your idea of getting the road portion out of the way first - that is definitely my least favorite part about Manasquan Reservoir. Looks like you had a great walk!

    1. I had walked that loop many years ago and I distinctly remembered the road walk part so I planned it that way :)


  2. I've been coming here nearly every weekday for years now and never tire of the scenery as it changes w/the seasons. Each day there seems to be something new to notice. Deer, fox, hawks and ducks of several varieties, eagles, herons, egrets, swans & geese are either permanent residents or seasonal visitors. Great place to snowshoe or x-country, too if the snow remains long enough. Manasquan Reservoir also now holds other good feelings for me since I had the opportunity to meet you and Shawnee there.

    1. Thanks, Linda and it was so awesome meeting you! You are lucky to have such a place in your neck of the woods.


  3. The endangered species area is where the eagles nest. That is why it is blocked off. Thought you might like to know. I stumbled upon your blog, I also like to hike so I found it quite informative. Thanks.