Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tallman Mountain State Park, NY

Tallman Mountain State Park - New York State Parks
Tallman Mountain State Park - Palisades Parks Conservancy

GPS Coordinates 41.015482, -73.913407

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There is no sign for the parking lot right off of 9W but heading north, follow the aqua blazes of the Long Path where it follows 9W and the blazes take you right to the parking lot.  There is no fee to park at this lot.  There is a fee at the main park entrance.

Hudson Palisades Trail Map 109 - New York New Jersey Trail Conference

Tallman Mountain State Park, NY at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  4.5 miles

The Long Path follow the bike path to the right of the parking lot.
At the ruins on the right, the bike path continues straight when the Long Path leaves to the left.
Continue on the bike path passing the gate on the right.  (We were joined by Hayden who is staying with us for the week.)
When the bike path turns left, leave to the right on an unmarked footpath.
The unmarked path follows along the edge with the Hudson River to the right.
At a rock outcrop, views of the Tappan Zee Bridge.
The unmarked path continues on.
The unmarked path meets back up with the Long Path.
The park pool down below.
The Long Path climbs back up on stone steps.
Views from the top at the picnic area.
Back on the bike path ...
to the Long Path where it crosses over.
The Long Path turns right on the bike path at the ruins from the beginning of the hike.

[  0.00]  Take the aqua-blazed Long Path/bike path to the right of the parking lot
[  0.30]  Straight on bike path when aqua leaves to the left at ruins on the right
[  0.40]  Veer left on bike path at gated road on right
[  0.50]  Right on unmarked when bike path makes left turn;  keep left at fork few steps in
[  0.70]  Views at rock outcrop on right
[  1.20]  Right on aqua when unmarked ends
[  1.55]  Stay on aqua when orange starts to the left
[  1.95]  Pool and views on right; keep right on bike path when aqua goes left
[  2.40]  Left on aqua and ascend on stone steps
[  2.55]  At the top of the stone steps, views to the right; continue left on aqua through picnic area
[  2.95]  After descending a few wooden steps at paved circle where aqua goes left, veer right on paved road towards speed limit sign
[  3.00]  Turn left at end of clearing to dirt foot path
[  3.15]  Turn left on paved road
[  3.20]  At fork keep right on bike path
[  3.30]  Keep straight on bike path when orange crosses over
[  3.65]  Right on aqua; stay on aqua at unmarked intersections
[  4.10]  Pond on left
[  4.30]  At T-intersection turn right on aqua as it joins the bike path
[  4.50]  Back at parking lot


  1. Nice, you just hiked here yesterday.
    I hiked in Norvin Green yesterday.

    Do you have a new email address?

    thank you

    1. Yes, I did change email addresses a while back.