Saturday, September 21, 2013

Old Bridge Waterfront Park, NJ

Old Bridge Waterfront Park - Middlesex County Parks and Recreation

GPS Coordinates 40.461628, -74.254531

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It's not easy to get to and my GPS was all kinds of confused so I'm afraid I can't give any good directions.  All I can tell you is heading north on Route 35, you want to exit where it's just a small road veering off to the right, no exit signs, no signs at all, and that takes you directly to the parking lot.  If you get off at the marked exit just a short distance beyond that, you overshot it and have to loop back around.

Old Bridge Waterfront Park, NJ at EveryTrail

HIKE DISTANCE:  2.9 miles total out and back

I had to be in Aberdeen for a couple of hours early in the morning so Shawnee waited patiently in the car (it was very cool out and I could see her at all times) then we went to check out Old Bridge Waterfront Park to see if it was possible to walk the entire length after Hurricane Sandy from almost a year ago.
From the parking lot veer right towards the building then turn left through the center walkway with the Old Bridge Police on the left and restrooms on the right.
Straight ahead leads to views of the Raritan Bay.
A right turn after exiting the walkway leads to the paved path.
The paved path becomes a boardwalk.
Raritan Bay from the boardwalk.
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
The boardwalk comes to an abrupt end compliments of Sandy.
Backtrack to the sand path near the pier and take that to continue on.
Remnants of the boardwalk.
The sand path comes out at another parking lot on the right where a paved path continues on past a playground and through ...
... a fenced off lead contaminated area.
Yet people are on the other side of the fence fishing WITH THEIR CHILDREN!  Unbelievable!
The paved path leads to a boardwalk ...
... over Marquis Creek.
When the boardwalk ends at another sand path, things become trashy and there are more EPA warning signs but no fencing so this was a good point to turn around.  A path is supposed to continue on to the Monmouth County line someday but with all of the Sandy damage to be repaired, can't see that happening anytime soon.
Probably a feral cat - saw a few of them.
A herd of Brown-headed Cowbirds.
Route 35 Victory Bridge
First pier on the way back.
Views from the pier.
The third pier on the way back.
Back at the parking lot.

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