Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turkey Swamp Park, NJ

Turkey Swamp Park - Monmouth County Park System
2012-2013 Hunting Dates

GPS Coordinates 40.196925, -74.303167

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Parking lot at Old Lenape and Alder Trails

Turkey Swamp Park Brochure and Map - Monmouth County Park System
The colors on the map indicate the level of difficulty each trail, not the color the trail is blazed.  There is some sporadic blazing but it is not very consistent.  Posts at most intersections show the trail name.


From the parking lot the Alder Trail circles the lake.

The Alder Trail come out at a field that is circled by the Fitness Trail.
An exercise station on the Fitness Trail.
The Metedeconk Trail starts off of a packed sand park road.
There are several huge anthills along the Metedeconk Trail.
Crossing at Nomoco Road
A sand road connection from the Metedeconk Trail to the Blueberry Path through the Nomoco Activity Area.
It wouldn't be Turkey Swamp Park without some turkeys!
The Blueberry Path starts as a woods road then narrows to a footpath after climbing a hill.
On the sand road back to the Metedeconk Trail.
Metedeconk River
Ice in the river.
Old Lenape Trail
Old Lenape and Manasquan Trail Intersection
Manasquan Trail
Manasquan River
Manasquan Trail along the Manasquan River.
Manasquan Trail looping back around towards the lake.

[  0.00]  From the parking lot facing the lake, veer left through the picnic area towards the lake to pick up the Alder Trail, left on the Alder Trail along the lake then keep right when the Manasquan Trail comes in from the left
[  0.30]  Keep straight on the Alder Trail when a trail leaves to the left
[  1.00]  Turn left on the Link Trail at large open field when the sign says to turn right for the Alder Trail  (the sign says "Link Trail" on the other side), continue following along the perimeter of the field
[  1.30]  Turn left on woods road leaving field, after a few steps turn left on packed sand park road
[  1.45]  Turn right on Metedeconk Trail at parking area and kiosk
[  1.95]  Cross bridge over small creek
[  2.10]  Cross Nomoco Road
[  2.20]  Continue over long stretch of boardwalk, come out at field and keep left
[  2.30]  About 1/4 of the way around the field, trail leaves to the left into the woods
[  2.35]  Turn left on packed sand park road, keep to the left and proceed past cabins
[  2.50]  Continue straight through clearing to the beginning of the Blueberry Path
[  3.50]  Blueberry Path ends at clearing with cabins, keep left and continue past park office on left
[  3.60]  Turn right on Metedeconk Trail at sign
[  3.65]  Keep right at field, continue 1/4 way around field then turn right to continue on trail over boardwalk and bridge
[  4.40]  Turn left on packed sand road at end of the Metedeconk Trail
[  4.55]  Turn left on woods road at intersection (came in from the right previously)
[  4.65]  Turn right on Link Trail at post
[  4.75]  Keep straight at intersection (post says Link Trail goes left but that is just a lollipop trail that goes nowhere)
[  4.95]  Turn left on Old Lenape Trail at T-intersection with trail sign
[  5.20]  Keep left at post
[  5.30]  Keep straight on the Manasquan Trail when the Old Lenape Trail goes right
[  6.35]  Trail turns right along river at bench
[  6.40]  Trail turns right away from the river
[  6.80]  Cross bridge
[  7.50]  Short boardwalk
[  7.60]  Second short boardwalk; keep right following arrow towards trailhead when unmarked goes left
[  7.95]  Turn left on park road briefly then right on footpath towards lake
[  8.00]  Keep right at fork then right at the lake heading back towards picnic area
[  8.15]  Back at parking lot

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