Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rockaway River Wildlife Management Area, NJ - Beaver Brook Trail

The Beaver Brook Trail - Morris Trails Partnership (scroll down to bottom of page 1)

GPS Coordinates 40.955402, -74.570797

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Jersey Highlands Trails Map #126 - NY/NJ Trail Conference

Entire Beaver Brook Trail with some side trails - 9.25 miles
To Lost Lake and back - 6 to 6.5 miles depending on how far you go around the lake

The sun rising over Green Pond Mountain to the east.
The moon was still visible.
Beaver Brook Trail
Valley View Vista
Creek crossing in power cut.
Lost Lake
A tufted titmouse at Lost Lake
A wood duck in Lost Lake
Beaver lodges in Lost Lake.
Leave the yellow trail to the left on an unmarked trail where the turn blaze is painted over.
The unmarked trail is very well defined and painted over blazes can still be followed.
View to the south on return route.
Turkey Vulture
Eastern Bluebird

[  0.00]  With your back to Berkshire Valley Road, turn left to the start of the white-blazed Beaver Brook Trail
[  0.55]  View south
[  1.25]  Rock hop over creek
[  1.35]  Rock hop over creek
[  1.50]  Valley View Lookout at cairn on rock slab
[  1.90]  Rock hop over a very small creek
[  2.30]  Cross woods road
[  2.45]  Cross over old rock wall
[  2.50]  Cross woods road then pass a large hunter's stand in tree
[  2.60]  Rock hop over creek
[  2.70]  Cross woods road
[  2.75]  Cross power cut and rock hop creek in power cut
[  2.95]  Arrive at Lost Lake
[  3.30]  Turn right on unmarked woods road
[  3.40]  Rock hop over creek
[  3.60]  Rock hop through swamp over woods road
[  3.80]  Keep straight when the white-blazed Beaver Brook Trail crosses over at cairns
[  3.95]  At intersection entering Mahlon Dickerson Reservation turn right on yellow
[  4.10]  Cross white-blazed Beaver Brook Trail at kiosk staying on yellow
[  4.40]  Turn left on unmarked trail (blazes grayed out)
[  4.60]  At the intersection with the teal Highlands Trail, turn left on the beginning of the white-blazed Beaver Brook Trail
[  5.00]  Cross over yellow trail at the kiosk
[  5.40]  Cross woods road at cairns
[  5.85]  Cross over woods road with Lost Lake straight ahead
[  6.45]  Rock hop creek in power cut
[  6.50]  Cross woods road
[  6.60]  Rock hop over creek
[  6.70]  Pass hunter's blind in tree then cross woods road
[  6.75]  Cross over old rock wall
[  6.90]  Cross woods road
[  7.70]  Valley View Lookout at cairn on rock slab
[  7.90]  Rock hop over creek
[  8.00]  Rock hop over creek
[  8.70]  View south
[  9.25]  Back at parking lot


  1. At the start of the Beaver Brook Trail at Berkshire Valley Rd./Taylor Rd., map 126 shows an archery range between Taylor Rd. and the trail head, about 1/5 km from the trail head. Do you know anything about it?

    1. No, sorry, it's not something I would have paid attention to.

  2. Yes, we use the Archery range occasionally.