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Pequannock Watershed, NJ: Clinton Reservoir

Pequannock Watershed - Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation

GPS Coordinates to parking P1:  41.075339,-74.445161

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There are several roadside pullouts near the trail head.  The P1 sign is at the intersection of Clinton Road and Van Orden Road.
A permit is required to hike in the Pequannock Watershed.  Permits must be purchased in person at the Newark Watershed office.  Click here for information on obtaining permits.

North Jersey Trails Map #116 - NY/NJ Trail Conference

HIKE DISTANCE:   8.75 miles

A lot of ruins along the first blue connector trail.  Hanks Pond in the distance.
Red and white-blazed Fire Tower Ridge Trail.
Second blue connector trail.
Yellow-blazed Fire Tower West Trail.
Yellow Fire Tower West Trail intersects with the white Two Brooks and teal Highlands Trails.
First brook rock hop crossing.
Second brook crossing on split log bridge.
Mossman's Brook
Crossing Mossman's Brook on Clinton Road bridge.
Clinton Reservoir from white-blazed Clinton West Trail
Break time at Clinton Reservoir Overlook.  (She had her snack but snarfed it down too quickly.)
The white-blazed Clinton West Trail ends where the Highlands Trail used to turn left.  This area was flooded out by a beaver dam and has been closed and  rerouted.  You can see painted over teal Highlands Trail blazes all along the Clinton West Trail.  Turn right here on the red-blazed Buckabear Pond Trail.
Buckabear Pond from the white trail and red trail intersection.
Clinton Reservoir from Clinton Road walk.
After 3/4 of a mile road walk on Clinton Road, turn left at P2 on the yellow-blazed trail.

[  0.00]  From the intersection of Clinton Road and Van Orden Road, walk beyond the gate a the start of the white-blazed Hanks East Trail
[  0.20]  When white leaves the woods road to the right and the woods road continues straight, turn left on the blue connector trail a few steps ahead
[  0.45]  Rock hop over creek; blue trail ends uphill short distance ahead; turn right on the red/white blazed Fire Tower Ridge Trail (woods road)
[  0.55]  Straight on red/white when blue/white goes right
[  0.75]  Turn left on blue connector trail (easy to miss - if you end up on field with cairn you missed the turn)
[  1.10]  Right on yellow Fire Tower West Trail when blue ends at T-intersection
[  2.20]  When yellow goes right joining with teal Highlands Trail, turn left on white Two Brooks Trail/teal Highlands Trail
[  2.40]  Rock hop over first brook then two small creeks
[  2.80]  Cross second brook on split log bridge
[  3.25]  At Clinton Road parking P4, go to guardrail, turn left, cross Clinton Road bridge and continue a short distance on Clinton Road
[  3.35]  Turn right off of Clinton Road on teal Highlands Trail
[  3.55]  At top of incline, turn left on white-blazed Clinton West Trail when the teal Highlands Trail continues straight
[  4.60]  View of Clinton Reservoir
[  4.80]  Cross over red-blazed Buckabear Pond Trail
[  5.35]  View of Clinton Reservoir
[  6.15]  When white ends, turn right on red
[  6.45]  Cross over white staying on red
[  6.65]  Red turns left on woods road
[  6.85]  Red ends at P3 parking, turn right on Clinton Road
[  7.60]  Turn left on yellow leaving Clinton Road at P2 parking
[  7.65]  Turn right on blue connector trail
[  8.00]  Turn right on red/white
[  8.20]  Keep straight on red/white when blue/white goes left
[  8.25]  Turn left on blue when red/white continues straight
[  8.30]  Rock hop over creek
[  8.55]  Right on woods road; continue following white on woods road when white comes in from the left
[  8.75]  Back at parking

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