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Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area, NJ - Pyramid Mountain/Kakeout Reservoir Loop

Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area - Morris County Parks
Tripod Rock - Wikipedia
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GPS Coordinates to Boonton Avenue Field Parking:  40.968198, -74.365204
(Note:  The main lot for Pyramid Mountain County Park is always barricaded early in the morning and later in the day the lot is packed so I use the Boonton Avenue Field lot.)

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Park at the north end of Boonton Avenue Field.

Pyramid Mountain Trail Map - Morris County Park Commission (does not show entire hike)
Jersey Highlands Trails Map #125 - NY/NJ Trail Conference (shows entire hike)

Pyramid Mountain to Kakeout Reservoir Loop - 10.75 miles
Pyramid Mountain Loop - 5 miles

Pyramid Mountain -

At the north end of the parking lot, walk beyond the barrier and follow the gravel road towards a tan shed.
At the shed veer left on the grass towards the corner of the tennis courts where you will find three mint green blazes on a tree indicating the start of the trail.
The green trail goes through pretty woods heading towards Tarrytown Reservoir.
The orange trail will follow along Tarrytown Reservoir.
Tarrytown Reservoir
Tarrytown Reservoir
Tarrytown Reservoir
The blue trail ascends to views of the New York City skyline.
Farther along the blue trail, a blue and white side trail leads to views at Lucy's Overlook.
Tripod Rock along the white trail.
Whale Head Rock on the red and white trail.
The blue trail heading towards Kakeout Reservoir.
Kakeout Reservoir
Kakeout Reservoir
The blue trail skirts along Kakeout Reservoir.
Stone House Brook waterfall at a bridge crossing.
Tree growing over an old sign.

[  0.00]  From north end of parking lot take gravel road beyond barrier towards tan shed, veer left towards back corner of tennis courts to trailhead for mint green trail
[  0.70]  Left on white when green ends at T-intersection with white
[  0.90]  Turn left on orange when white goes right
[  1.20]  Orange trail starts to skirt Tarrytown Reservoir
[  1.90]  Turn left on yellow when orange ends
[  2.15]  Cross power cut
[  2.25]  Turn right on blue when yellow ends
[  2.35]  Cross power cut
[  2.50]  Right on blue when white goes left
[  2.60]  Right on blue when red goes left
[  2.75]  At top of ascent when blue trail turns left, turn right briefly to view; retrace
[  3.05]  Left on blue/yellow when yellow goes right
[  3.10]  Right on blue when yellow goes left
[  3.15]  Left on blue/white at sign to Lucy's Overlook; retrace and continue left on blue
[  3.40]  Straight on white when blue goes left
[  3.45]  Tripod Rock on left
[  3.85]  Left on red/white when white goes straight
               *** stay on white to right on mint green back to parking for 5 mile hike ***
[  4.10]  Eagle Cliff
[  4.30]  Whale Head Rock on left
[  4.45]  Turn right on blue when red/white trail ends
[  4.75]  Cross footbridge
[  4.95]  Right briefly on paved road then left across road back into woods
[  5.30]  Turn left on paved road beyond chain link gate
[  5.40]  Turn left leaving paved road directly across entrance of Shepard School; walk along right side of large boulders; at end of boulders trails goes right into woods
[  5.50]  Blue turns right on narrow gravel road; when road veers left, turn right into field (turn not marked) towards blue blaze in the distance on tree (VERY EASY TO MISS THIS TURN!)
[  5.85]  Kakeout Reservoir
[  5.95]  Cross paved Fayson Lake Road
[  6.35]  Cross 3 bridges; after 3rd bridge with waterfalls, immediately turn right (unmarked)
[  6.85]  Rock hop over creek
[  6.95]  Rock hop over creek
[  7.05]  Blue trails veers left, turn right briefly to view over reservoir; retrace
[  7.45]  At dam blue goes straight, turn right and cross dam on blue/white blazed trail (3 blazes on guardrail)
[  7.50]  Stay left on blue/white when unmarked woods road goes straight
[  7.75]  Right on white at Pyramid Mountain sign when blue/white ends
[  7.85]  Stay left on white when unmarked goes straight
[  7.95]  Stay right on white when unmarked goes left
[  8.40]  Cross second dam and keep straight into woods to right of huge boulder (no blazes going across dam)
[  8.55]  Cross over unmarked trail
[  8.70]  White trial turns left just before a back yard then turns right on paved road
[  8.85]  Turn left on next paved road; turn right into woods beyond 20 mph sign
[  9.20]  White trail turns right on paved road; turn left on next paved road (Brentwoood Dr.)
[  9.35]  Left on Glenrock; left at next street
[  9.50]  Left at next intersection then almost immediately right into woods leaving paved road
[  9.90]  Obstructed view at top of hill
[10.10]  At bottom of hill after descending and before white trail ascends, look for mint green trail around boulder on left; turn left on mint green trail
[10.75]  Back at car


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