Sunday, December 19, 2010

Norvin Green State Forest, NJ (Manaticut Point - Lake Sonoma - Long Hill)

NY/NJ Trail Conference (this hike is in the "North of West Brook Road" section)

GPS Coordinates:  41.09134,-74.319981

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There is no parking lot - park along the north side of Crescent Drive at the curb.
Crescent Drive parking heading towards Burnt Meadow Road
TRAIL MAPNY/NJ Trail Conference North Jersey Trails Map 115
The yellow-blazed Manaticut Point trail is a new trail that is not on this version of the map.  Sections of the trail are shown as a dashed line.


HIKE DISTANCE:  8.5 miles

Some other options:
Walk on Crescent Drive back towards Burnt Meadow Road and watch for the start of the yellow-blazed trail on the left.  (Where the yellow-blazed trail comes out at the end of the hike is in the opposite direction a short distance beyond the curve in Crescent Drive.)

New yellow-blazed Manaticut Trail
Lake Sonoma
Overlook Rock
View From Overlook Rock
Lake Sonoma from Overlook Rock
Blue-Blazed Hewitt Butler Trail
Long Hill Summit at Ugly Power Cut
View from Manaticut Point

[  0.00]  Walk on Crescent Drive towards Burnt Meadow Road; left on yellow trail
[  0.85]  Stay left on yellow when orange joins in from the right
[  0.95]  Turn right on orange when yellow leaves to the left
[  1.10]  Lake Sonoma on the right; trail follows Lake Sonoma
[  1.35]  Trail turns left away from Lake Sonoma, goes uphill, crosses unmarked woods road
[  1.45]  Rock hop across stream, trail turns left on woods road then right on foot trail
[  1.85]  Keep straight on orange/white when white comes in from the right
[  1.90]  Orange ends at large rock on left, Overlook Rock with views; retrace steps on orange/white back to where white trail joined in, turn left on white trail
[  2.20]  Cross over badly eroded woods road
[  2.50]  White trail joins woods road; crosses stream, leaves woods road to the left
[  2.60]  Scenic Overlook
[  2.90]  Cross straight over power cut on woods road; other side of power cut white leaves woods road on foot trail into woods; while trail ends short distance ahead; turn right on blue
[  3.80]  Scenic Overlook; turn around and head back on blue
[  4.65]  White goes left; keep straight on blue
[  5.15]  Overlook to the west
[  5.45]  Summit of Long Hill
[  7.25]  Yellow joins blue from the left; continue on yellow/blue
[  7.65]  Manaticut Point; left on yellow when blue leaves to the right
[  8.40]  Yellow trail ends at Crescent Drive, left on Crescent Drive back to car

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